27 November, 2009

Before WW

Today is before WW contest day, other band was many contest station on air by adjustment antennasystem or equipments.

So last nighht on 40m band, many caribian station on air on the band and service for JA.

So I hope same sistuation on 160m band. However, different situation on 160m band.Not so active JA station too, today is bad condition? I don't know.

Also looking for VK9XX, never hear. as same sa freq on 1823 last night. VK9XX still on air on this freq, but never hear me.I check this freq by elephant ear. never hear.


I was disappoint at this situation.

In this weekend, I will entry CQWW CW contest on other band, so unitl next monday no report this blog.

see you next Tuesday

26 November, 2009

Looking for VK9XX

Why not hear his signal, this evening also I looking for VK9XX signal on 160m band. The band condition is so so, Heard north america.

I listened 160m band about 2hour, VK9XX on air 1823 start at 1130Z, I found his signal, but very weak. Why? Why? Why?

That area is my ded spot area, think by myself. On pacific area is no problem, A31A also, TX3A also very strong signal came here, but only VK9XX is weak.

I found his signal many times, but usually waek and it has QSB. If can copy his signal that I call to him, stanby..... QSB bottom no copy his signal. Oh my god!

Still looking for him.

today I turn off my IC-7700.

Wake up to late

This morning, I wake up to late, So I have no time on listen to 160m band.

But little bit hear, only few minits.

Not so good? Only few JA stations QRV on 160m. Maybe so so the condition.

Sorry today is no report.

25 November, 2009


This morning here is rain weather. very cold morning. I went shack and turn on my IC-7700.

Just start listen 160m, this morning very noisy condition. The ear becomes painful when hearing it for a long time.

Last night, I got A31A. It was very lucky. He was on air off band for JA. The first pickup to simplex freq, maybe he picked up for USA. but not so good condition for North America. After that, he cheanged listed point for Down.

However, He no announce down freq. I called down 1.5KHz and 3minits. but no answer.I moved another freq for down 1.2KHz and call again.

Few times called, after return to my call. Lucky! I got it, after many JA station calling. everybody don't know now A31A listend down freq. I am very lucky!

But this morning, 1823 on air the VK9XX pick up down 4KHz. Many EU station called him. Basicaly pick up to Europe and some times JA. I called him about half hour. but no return, after 2015Z he QSY to 1819 and down 8KHz for pick up to JA.

Hardluck, 1819 is difficalt hear, because here is BC beat near freq. With many JA station call to start his anounnced freq. Ohooooooooooooo Big paile up.

I gave it up because there was not time either. Luck did not continue by two times.

I wish to contact for VK9XX, but that direction for my ded point area. As same as zone 40. Most signals are regions that are inhaled and not heard.

This evening try again.

24 November, 2009

Improvement in the band condition

This morning here, the band conditon is improvement compear for yesterday.

Many station QRV on the band, I can heard. However, QSO is very difficalt. I used shunt feed antenna into 200W, so some station with call to DX then return other station. after few times call, but DX station calling CQ. This situation is many times.

However, very fun on 160m. If call to easy return not so fun. So todays try call to DX.

Heard stations as follow (*mark is QSO)

1817.0 UR5AS 2005Z after QSY 1821.6
1817.0 BU2AQ 2005Z Call to UR5AS
1822.5 SM6CPY 2008Z*
2824.4 HS0ZEE 2014Z after QSY to 1821.0
1823.2 OE3TWM 2033Z

23 November, 2009

Monday morning

Why monday morning is not so good everyweek. This morning also no good condition.

only hear few station and that opend very short time. I called DX station when standby. Condition was moved difficalt copy.

1826.0 VK9XX 1940
1817.5 UA4LU 1944
1817.5 RL3FT 2002
1823.4 RX3DBH 2045
1814.1 RZ3DJ 2058

today no QSO.

22 November, 2009

Wonderful morning

This morning, I wakeup to late. Wakeup at 2000Z in this morning. The band was already opend, so lot of JA and DX stations on air on the band.

Today some DX station entry for DX contest. Today take place OE and JT contests.The DX station entry which is contest? The first listen to contest reports. Zone number is JT contest, and another one is sireal number. That is OE contest.

I feel that band is very narrow. because, JA station called DX station where littel bit different freq. So very QRM in the band, no clear spots.

The band open until around 2200Z, very waide open today. After 2200Z, Westan areas station still calling DX. already sunrise here.

Therefore, I can got many stations this morning.

todays report as follows(* mark is QSO)

1824.1 RU4PU 2003Z*
1823.1 JT1T 2007Z*
1816.5 RU3ZX 2011Z*
1821.5 UR4LRG 2015Z
1820.6 YL2SM 2027Z
1824.5 BW3/DJ3KR 2031Z
1822.0 JT1CO 2035Z*
1819.0 UA4CC 2037Z
1823.6 UX0LL/A 2045Z
1822.6 OK1DIG 2049Z*
1817.8 RK9CWW 2057Z*
1817.3 RT3T 2100Z*
1824.9 OE3I 2116Z
1821.5 OE3GCU 2128Z*
1819.7 E77DX 2130Z

next weekend will start CQWW CW,so next week more DX statios QRV I think.

21 November, 2009


Todays weekend morning, the band condition was good. so lot of JA
station QRV on the band.

In JA's band plan on 1810-1825. Today some DX station QRV out side JA band. HB9LCW on 1825.2, It is off band in JA, so lot of JA station calling on 1824.5 to 1824.9, Big pileup.

Recently, no good condition at morning time in JA, however today is different and today is weekend. Big station , normal station and small station together QRV on the band. Some freq, one JA station calling CQ DX by side another DX station QRV, very near freq so some station confuse this situation.

I heard station as follows (*mark QSO)
1821.6 IV3PRK 2013Z*
1825.2 HB9LCW 2018Z
1818.5 I2ZFD 2031Z
1817.2 SJ2W 2103Z

Much to my regret I am not heard T7 and OY stations.

20 November, 2009

Todays no information

This morning, bad condition. my poor antenna can not found DX signal.

So todays no information.

19 November, 2009

Quaiet morning

This morning very quaiet on 160m. I found only HS0ZEE on 1817.2

Other station not found. So I can call to HS0ZEE, but he is calling CQ.

Another JA station calling him with me, but also no return. He is calling CQ.

He live in BKK? in Thailand. I lived in BKK in 2001 to 2004. Before I heard HF band that very surpplised at condition. Very noisy , weak signal can not separate with noise.

maybe he is this condition, I think.

This morning no QSO

18 November, 2009

This morning

This morning, ohooo strong wind blowing. yesterday all days rainy day and in mid night finished rain. I think this morning will quaiet.

But never, strong wind. not so good my feel.

I watching 160m this morning start at 0415 locat time. I heared only few stations.

On 1819, DX Cluster announced OY9JD and listening up, so few JA station calling to him.

however, I can not hear OY9JD signal. That direction, around zone40 area is my dedzone on 160m, same the black hole. Very difficalt listen that area. maybe 1time pare 1year I will get a chance, normaly never.hi

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)
1824.2 UK8DAN 1902Z
1821.9 RX4HZ 1932Z*
1823.7 OM3TWM 1938Z
1817.4 UA9FGR 1940Z

17 November, 2009

todays closing

It seems to have caught a cold. so today wake up pass to 0500 local time. to late.

It's no problem, todays also not so good condition, I think. Because few stations only hear. That is same asian place.

However, passed at 0515 local time, It start big pileup suddenly on 1817-1818.

What started? I was confused. I understand 2-3minits later.

On 1816, 5N0OCH was QRV that keyed up, so many big gun station call to him, just started.

As same as TX3A peditions start up situation. But I sad, I never hear his signal.Big guns has very good ear, everythink can hear.

Another one, JD1BIE QRV on 1823, and still calling CQ. but everybody calling to 5N0OCH in this time. So Few stations only return to his CQ.It seemed to be free.

This morning I no contact. same as closing.

16 November, 2009

Monday morning

Why no so good every monday morning, today also bad condition, only noise on the band.

Yesterday all day blowed heavy wind. can not operate ham radio,so one day off. not turn on my rig.

Todays condition fail to meet expectations. I wake up eary morning, but never hear DX signal. Unlucky this morning.

Wait one hour, the band condition was up a little bit. At 0510 local time, I heared calling CQ on 1815, however it signad had lot of QSB, I can not copy taht callsign.

Few minits, still listen on 1815. Oh I copied taht call is RZ3DJ. but his signal has QSB, I lost his signal in the QSB bottom. I can not call to him.

After all, today no contact.

15 November, 2009

Strong wind

this morning very strong wind blowed here. my anttena not extend so can not into power for it.

About one hour, I listen on the band. Today also same yesterday condition and today many station entry contest.

So outside JA band, many station calling CQ test.

Path to 0515 local time, wind get little bit weak. I extend to my antenna. About half hour, I can got few station on the band.

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)

1822.5 OL1A 1950Z
1819.0 OM5NU 1950Z
1815.1 UR4LRG 1958Z
1816.8 OM2XW 2000Z
1823.2 OE3GCU 2024Z
1821.3 UR5AS 2033Z
1819.2 OM5ZM 2034Z
1812.6 UA4CC 2046Z
1818.4 RA3AGF 2050Z
1824.6 OK5W 2054Z

14 November, 2009

G3PQA QSL arrive

Today Mr.John G3PQAs QSL arrived here. I am very happy, UK land is very far from here. On high band not easy to contact UK. On the low band very very difficalt.

He is my first hear UK station on 160m band. That day was very good condition,, so I call to him many times. He had good ear that confirmed my weak signal before pick up.

I got his return then unbilivable answer. I used IC-7700 only 200W into 26m tower with shunt feed.My signal go over the strait of Dover.

Thanks Mr.John, see you on 160m.

It revives after an interval of one week

Hi all, here is morning time. It revives after an interval of one week, So many DX stations signal came to here in this morning.

At 0430JST I found HA8RM on 1824.5. He was very good signal coming, I wait finish his CQ calling and after call to him, but he still CQ... I call to many times, but never return. another JA station called him, also no return. That time was only one way path from europe. After 0530JST. almost pepole called him and returnd, but not return to me. Why?

Out of JA band, on 1833.5 UA0CA calling CQ, also 1826.5 ES1GO calling CQ. borth station was good signal.

After 0530JST, Lot of europian stations calling.It is very happy to hear today.

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)

1833.5 UA0CA 1923Z
1824.5 HA8RM 1931Z
1826.3 ES1GO 1936Z
1823.2 SM5EDX 1944Z*
1822.3 IV3PKR 1946Z
1818.0 DL3TX 1950Z
1819.1 DL2WH 1957Z
1814.3 EW8DZ 2020Z
1813.5 DJ0MDR 2059Z
1822.0 UA4CC 2034Z*
1818.0 HA5JI 2046Z*
1816.8 OK2BWM 2052Z

Now wather condition is very bad, same typhone. very strong wind blowing and havey rain come down now.

I wish to stop this wather in evening.

13 November, 2009

Still noisy

Oh shit, this evening still occur static noise.

very bad situation for DXing. I have not beverage antenna,so the noise come from arouond 360deg direction.

However, I confirm few DX stations signal in this evening. Especially N7UAs singnal is very strong as same as domestic station. The noise was also unrelated to the strong signal.

Another one is W2FJP/KH2. He is still calling CQ, bat his signal less than N7UA. W2FJP/KH2 is not yet contact on all band, So I wish to contact to him, but now he is on air the 1826.5KHz, that is off band in JA, can not call him. It is regrettable.

Oh! pass to 2200 local time, I can watching the TV. So todays finish.

Everyone, see you tomorrow on 160m band!

13.Nov todays DX

This morning, also sot so good condition. At 0400 local time, very noisy and not yet heard DX stations signal.

I think, it is useless to DX on today. Already 4days no good morning conditon.

However, this morning is different for recentlly. At 0500 local time on 1824. Feebly hear calling CQ, who is calling?

I can listen for CQ calling. Oh! That is IV3PRKs CQ, after ten minits signal to up and easy understand his signal.

And another one, TF4Ms signal also hear on 1824.5, but very weak.

I think that the condition is in the direction of the recovery. The weekend is the enjoyment.

12 November, 2009

It is useless also today

 Oh nooooooooooooooo!

Very high noise level, It has a pain in the ear.

It is useless also today.

Why? Few days also same condition. Can not DXing.

I am annoy by this noise.

todays turn off my transceiver.

11 November, 2009

TX3A on LoTW

Today TX3A log up to LoTW, I checked LoTW last few minits.

I confirmed data in LoTW, Thanks pedition tearm and quick action.

Very bad!

This morning, my QTH come down havey rain. So very noisy on the band.

No hear anything, only hear noise.

I cheked on the band, who can QRV now. Not found everybody.

I turn off my IC-7700, QRT today.

I'm sorry ,today no operation.

10 November, 2009

Two up !

Last year I started 160m DXing. this year is second serson.

In 6.nov i was QSOed TF4M, and yesterday I got his QSL via LoTW. I am very happy, and today I received VQ9LA on 160m QSl card.

Yesterday and today up to 2 entitys.

Now I worked 66E / Comf 29E

How many I will be able to get in this serson.

Why quiet?

Oho, this morning noise level is down. very easy listen on todays 160m. Noise level down also DX signal has not come.

Very quiet mornig. Why? condition is bad? I think so.

I heard few stations only, most strongest station is UR5VIP on 1823.6 with QSB.

I called him few times, but no return. Also few JA station called with me, but also no return. maybe condition is bad. I gave up it.

I can confirm the station as follows. hawever, today was no contact.

1823.6 UR5VIP 1948Z
1817.5 UA4ANV 2024Z
1819.5 UA9MA 2030Z

09 November, 2009

There are no one

This evening many noise on the band, The noise is hated.

The ear becomes painful only by hearing it. there are no one, TX3A signal is also waek, very bad day.

I can wotch the TV is better. today is off day.

Good luck everybody see you tomorrow morning here.

Dose anyone know?

My home land is very small. So I can use the shunt feed antenna with small loop antenna.

But sometimes good, sometimes not so good reciveing condition. Now all pepole operate this 160m band in full-dress are doing to do Beverage antenna.

However, Beverage antenna need to learge land. because beverage wire length is minimam one wavelength. normaly few wavelength can use. Ohoooo 160m or more.

I looking for high paformance and small size antenna with internet.I found short beverage antenna system. but only documentation with out drawing.

I don't understand short beverage antenna system.

Dose anyone know about short beverage antenna system, please teach me.

Same as yesterday

This morning, I wakeup at 0400 local time. I go to shack and turn on my IC-7700.

Ohoooo, the band condition as same as yesterday. very noisy. I can show noise wave in IC-7700 screen. Same as noise storm.

However, I looking for DX stations signal in noise sea. Just found it, UR6QA calling CQ DX on 1818.9

Really DX station? very strong signal. Around the his signal, it feel same as clear spot. His signal seems to hold down the noise.

It is not really good condition. I can confirm the station as follows.

(* mark is QSO)
1818.9 UR6QA 1908Z*
1814.3 RA3QTT 1938Z
1827.2 9M6XRO/P 1946Z
1821.5 EU7SD 1957Z
1819.3 BA4T 2045Z
1823.0 BA7IO 2046Z

08 November, 2009

Make adjustment to shunt feed

Today sunny day so I make adjustment to shunt feed anttena.

This is my anntena system.

Tower hight:22m, add steel mast:4m, top of hight:26m my tower is 4 sections crank up twoer.
antenna:80m rotaly dipole, 17m 3ele yagi, 40m/20m/15m 5ele tribander

Shunt feed wire connected tower bottom to third section. the length is about 16m. I think this towers ground capacitance is very large,so no need long length shunt wire.

Recently I called DX station, but very low establishment returns. I used IC-7700, It out put only 200W, So if it had some loss of power line. It is not possible to send my signal for long-distance.

this is simple matching section, It used only variable capaciter.

I check matching section and readjustment SWR. Adjustment method is very simple, it axis of Variable capaciter is rotate. and checked value of impedance meter as same as 50ohm.

just now it value is 50 ohm. The transmission return loss is never.

This evening to tomorrow morning, I confirm the anntenna state.

Very noisy condition

This morning, I wakeup at 400 at local time. I turn on my IC-7700 and start watching on 160m.

But this mornig very very noisy, The big static noise was covered sometimes of the band.

So it is very difficalt to hear a weak signal.but, today some contest stations avtive on the band. In JAs band plan is 1810 to 1825, up to 1822, many contest station calling CQ test. however, I am not intarested in this contest.

Todays condition is poor, Friday and Saturday 2days morning, the band was low noise and good condition, so many many station QRV on the band that activety was very high.

Therefore, today is not so good. so if one europe station calling CQ then lot of JA stations calling him, start pileup.

Confirm station in today (* mark is QSO)
1820.5 HB9LCW 1905Z
1823.6 UA9LCW 1931Z
1822.5 BU2AQ 1943Z*
1818.4 ES5QX 1945Z*
1814.2 S50U 1951Z*
1817.0 UR0VN 2013Z*
1811.8 OK2BUZ 2032Z
1811.0 KH2L 2035Z*
1821.9 UA4M 2045Z TEST
1829.3 UA9TQ 2046Z TEST
1824.0 SN2B 2049Z TEST
1814.5 OH0/DK1MAX 2052Z weak
1813.1 UA6LP 2057Z

here is sun rise at 0614 local time(2114Z), now the band was closed.

This evening, I will watch the band and looking for XR0Y. maybe though it might be useless.

Have a nice sunday.

07 November, 2009

XR0Y on 160m

I checked Band Master software, I found XR0Y report.

It on air on 1815 QSX up now. Just turn on my IC-7700 and tuning 1815. But only noise by small loop antena.

Now some big JA stations calling him, some person return from XR0Y. Their are good ear stations. Same god ear ha ha ha...

I change shunt feed antena from small loop antenna, Ohoooooo very waek signal can hear, but not understand. report is 329 with QSB.

nevermaind, may antenna system is poor, I understand. If condition will up, ofcause very very good condition, I can hear his signal. but If will come good condition, maybe XR0 pedition finished.

TX3A also today not so strong. why?

I got new one!

Here this morning, wondeful morning also yesterday morning. Maybe today is better than yesterday.

i wakeup at 4:50 local time, it to late. Already 160m band was opend,so lot of DX stations signal coming here and start up some little pileup.

Todays my target is TF4M, last week to this week. many JA station said, TF4M signal came to JA that very good signal and easy QSO. But, I don't same as everybody.

Normaly, my QST to north pole path is bad on low band. 80m is also very difficalt.actually I contact LA on 160m not yet. Very different of high band.

However, today was different everyday. TF4M signal can hear my rig. but not yet strong. now 5:00 o'clock local time. path to 5:25 local time, signals up but not enough. I think, which is better small loop or shunt feed, I changed each antennas.

I am very surprise, shunt feed is better. signal is more up can easy understand his signal. I can call to him! I can call to him before QSB peek of few times.

Ohoooo, return to my call, congratulation I said by myself. I'm happy this morning.

At 6:15 local time. the band was closed. This morning DXing was finish, turn off my IC-7700.

Todays copy callsign (* mark is QSO)
1822.5 RU4PU 1950Z
1824.0 SM5EDX 1952Z*
1821.5 SJ2W 1959Z
1820.7 TF4M 2008Z*
1823.3 YL2SM 2009Z
1822.5 IV3PRK 2011Z
1822.6 RZ3EM 2030Z
1814.4 RA3QTT 2034Z
1815.7 OZ1CTK 2037Z*
1825.3 RA6AW 2045Z
1815.0 EU7SD 2051Z
1812.5 YO7LCB 2056Z
1819.2 UA4ANV 2103Z*
1820.6 RA3AGF 2120Z

I wish to more good conditon tomorrow.

06 November, 2009

Wonderful morning

Today morning, it's wonderful morning that start at 1945Z.

First I heard ES1QD on 1816.7, My ear was doubted. Because very strong signal coming here. really 599 report.

I think, I can get QSO with him. I pushed message keyer for my callsig few times and wait, ES1QD return to my call. Got it, just start today QSOs.

After 2000Z, coming good open between JA to EU, many stations signal coming and every body strong, really doubted.

This good condition sitt continue after sun rise.

Today confirmation list. (* mark is QSOs)

1816.9 ES1QD 1945Z*
1818.9 IV3PRK 1946Z
1814.1 RA3QTT 1957Z*
1820.8 SM3GSK 2008Z*
1811.8 OH5VT 2029Z*
1817.3 HB9BLQ 2030Z
1822.5 RK3PA 2038Z*
1824.9 OK1AWH 2039Z*
1821.8 OM2XW 2047Z
1823.5 EU7SD 2049Z*

I wish tomorrow as same as todays condition.

05 November, 2009

TX3A was not strong today

Oh, today I got information from internet. TX3A team complete phase one antenna systems, so can use full power on 160 to 20m band.

i think, if can use amp then come more strong signal. Booming sound i think so, but today very weak. as same as signal at which mosquito barks.

What happen there?

Todays DXing

This morning, I heard 160m at 2000Z.

Recently here sunrise at around 2100Z, before 30minits the band conditon was up.

But I prepare of work at 2100Z everyday , So can not try to DXing after 2100Z.

This morning, First hear IV3PRK on 1824 at 1951Z.

That signal had lot of QSB and heard few minits, after fade out here.

But some good ear station callin to him.

The next near freq on 1823, UA2FW was called CQ DX. Not so strong but his signal was stable.

So lot of JA called him. I was contacted him end of last month, so today I can not called him.

Fainaly, todays number one signal came here. That was SV3RF, first calling CQ DX on 1815.5

I called him, but not yet open between JA to SV land. I am QRP station, so If the band condition was unstable, it had lot of QSB. maybe my signal can copied very difficaslt.

Almost case, can not copy bottom of QSB, At 2030Z His signa peeked about 579 here.

I think, todays last chance still call to him. but he copied only JA and last call "F"

Bad luck, today was no contact. Tomorrow has come,so try again.

04 November, 2009

Ohoo Got TX3A

Ohooo just now I got TX3A on 160m.

Very happy, today can sleep....

Start today!

Today I make new blog. It write about 160m DXing.
Last year I started 160m DXing, but very difficalt. because I can use the 200W, normaly major DXer use 500W or more.
Maybe 200W as same as QRP.
However, low powers DX is very intaresting. So, I like this band.
Since tomorrow, I write it.