27 November, 2009

Before WW

Today is before WW contest day, other band was many contest station on air by adjustment antennasystem or equipments.

So last nighht on 40m band, many caribian station on air on the band and service for JA.

So I hope same sistuation on 160m band. However, different situation on 160m band.Not so active JA station too, today is bad condition? I don't know.

Also looking for VK9XX, never hear. as same sa freq on 1823 last night. VK9XX still on air on this freq, but never hear me.I check this freq by elephant ear. never hear.


I was disappoint at this situation.

In this weekend, I will entry CQWW CW contest on other band, so unitl next monday no report this blog.

see you next Tuesday

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