07 November, 2009

I got new one!

Here this morning, wondeful morning also yesterday morning. Maybe today is better than yesterday.

i wakeup at 4:50 local time, it to late. Already 160m band was opend,so lot of DX stations signal coming here and start up some little pileup.

Todays my target is TF4M, last week to this week. many JA station said, TF4M signal came to JA that very good signal and easy QSO. But, I don't same as everybody.

Normaly, my QST to north pole path is bad on low band. 80m is also very difficalt.actually I contact LA on 160m not yet. Very different of high band.

However, today was different everyday. TF4M signal can hear my rig. but not yet strong. now 5:00 o'clock local time. path to 5:25 local time, signals up but not enough. I think, which is better small loop or shunt feed, I changed each antennas.

I am very surprise, shunt feed is better. signal is more up can easy understand his signal. I can call to him! I can call to him before QSB peek of few times.

Ohoooo, return to my call, congratulation I said by myself. I'm happy this morning.

At 6:15 local time. the band was closed. This morning DXing was finish, turn off my IC-7700.

Todays copy callsign (* mark is QSO)
1822.5 RU4PU 1950Z
1824.0 SM5EDX 1952Z*
1821.5 SJ2W 1959Z
1820.7 TF4M 2008Z*
1823.3 YL2SM 2009Z
1822.5 IV3PRK 2011Z
1822.6 RZ3EM 2030Z
1814.4 RA3QTT 2034Z
1815.7 OZ1CTK 2037Z*
1825.3 RA6AW 2045Z
1815.0 EU7SD 2051Z
1812.5 YO7LCB 2056Z
1819.2 UA4ANV 2103Z*
1820.6 RA3AGF 2120Z

I wish to more good conditon tomorrow.


  1. It was my pleasure to make this QSO.
    CU on 160!
    Thor, TF4M

  2. Hi Thor

    Thank you very much todays QSO, I am very happy.
    I wish to mmet you again on 160m.
    GL FB DX! 73


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