24 November, 2009

Improvement in the band condition

This morning here, the band conditon is improvement compear for yesterday.

Many station QRV on the band, I can heard. However, QSO is very difficalt. I used shunt feed antenna into 200W, so some station with call to DX then return other station. after few times call, but DX station calling CQ. This situation is many times.

However, very fun on 160m. If call to easy return not so fun. So todays try call to DX.

Heard stations as follow (*mark is QSO)

1817.0 UR5AS 2005Z after QSY 1821.6
1817.0 BU2AQ 2005Z Call to UR5AS
1822.5 SM6CPY 2008Z*
2824.4 HS0ZEE 2014Z after QSY to 1821.0
1823.2 OE3TWM 2033Z

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