14 November, 2009

It revives after an interval of one week

Hi all, here is morning time. It revives after an interval of one week, So many DX stations signal came to here in this morning.

At 0430JST I found HA8RM on 1824.5. He was very good signal coming, I wait finish his CQ calling and after call to him, but he still CQ... I call to many times, but never return. another JA station called him, also no return. That time was only one way path from europe. After 0530JST. almost pepole called him and returnd, but not return to me. Why?

Out of JA band, on 1833.5 UA0CA calling CQ, also 1826.5 ES1GO calling CQ. borth station was good signal.

After 0530JST, Lot of europian stations calling.It is very happy to hear today.

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)

1833.5 UA0CA 1923Z
1824.5 HA8RM 1931Z
1826.3 ES1GO 1936Z
1823.2 SM5EDX 1944Z*
1822.3 IV3PKR 1946Z
1818.0 DL3TX 1950Z
1819.1 DL2WH 1957Z
1814.3 EW8DZ 2020Z
1813.5 DJ0MDR 2059Z
1822.0 UA4CC 2034Z*
1818.0 HA5JI 2046Z*
1816.8 OK2BWM 2052Z

Now wather condition is very bad, same typhone. very strong wind blowing and havey rain come down now.

I wish to stop this wather in evening.

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