26 November, 2009

Looking for VK9XX

Why not hear his signal, this evening also I looking for VK9XX signal on 160m band. The band condition is so so, Heard north america.

I listened 160m band about 2hour, VK9XX on air 1823 start at 1130Z, I found his signal, but very weak. Why? Why? Why?

That area is my ded spot area, think by myself. On pacific area is no problem, A31A also, TX3A also very strong signal came here, but only VK9XX is weak.

I found his signal many times, but usually waek and it has QSB. If can copy his signal that I call to him, stanby..... QSB bottom no copy his signal. Oh my god!

Still looking for him.

today I turn off my IC-7700.

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