08 November, 2009

Make adjustment to shunt feed

Today sunny day so I make adjustment to shunt feed anttena.

This is my anntena system.

Tower hight:22m, add steel mast:4m, top of hight:26m my tower is 4 sections crank up twoer.
antenna:80m rotaly dipole, 17m 3ele yagi, 40m/20m/15m 5ele tribander

Shunt feed wire connected tower bottom to third section. the length is about 16m. I think this towers ground capacitance is very large,so no need long length shunt wire.

Recently I called DX station, but very low establishment returns. I used IC-7700, It out put only 200W, So if it had some loss of power line. It is not possible to send my signal for long-distance.

this is simple matching section, It used only variable capaciter.

I check matching section and readjustment SWR. Adjustment method is very simple, it axis of Variable capaciter is rotate. and checked value of impedance meter as same as 50ohm.

just now it value is 50 ohm. The transmission return loss is never.

This evening to tomorrow morning, I confirm the anntenna state.

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