16 November, 2009

Monday morning

Why no so good every monday morning, today also bad condition, only noise on the band.

Yesterday all day blowed heavy wind. can not operate ham radio,so one day off. not turn on my rig.

Todays condition fail to meet expectations. I wake up eary morning, but never hear DX signal. Unlucky this morning.

Wait one hour, the band condition was up a little bit. At 0510 local time, I heared calling CQ on 1815, however it signad had lot of QSB, I can not copy taht callsign.

Few minits, still listen on 1815. Oh I copied taht call is RZ3DJ. but his signal has QSB, I lost his signal in the QSB bottom. I can not call to him.

After all, today no contact.

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