09 November, 2009

Same as yesterday

This morning, I wakeup at 0400 local time. I go to shack and turn on my IC-7700.

Ohoooo, the band condition as same as yesterday. very noisy. I can show noise wave in IC-7700 screen. Same as noise storm.

However, I looking for DX stations signal in noise sea. Just found it, UR6QA calling CQ DX on 1818.9

Really DX station? very strong signal. Around the his signal, it feel same as clear spot. His signal seems to hold down the noise.

It is not really good condition. I can confirm the station as follows.

(* mark is QSO)
1818.9 UR6QA 1908Z*
1814.3 RA3QTT 1938Z
1827.2 9M6XRO/P 1946Z
1821.5 EU7SD 1957Z
1819.3 BA4T 2045Z
1823.0 BA7IO 2046Z

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