13 November, 2009

Still noisy

Oh shit, this evening still occur static noise.

very bad situation for DXing. I have not beverage antenna,so the noise come from arouond 360deg direction.

However, I confirm few DX stations signal in this evening. Especially N7UAs singnal is very strong as same as domestic station. The noise was also unrelated to the strong signal.

Another one is W2FJP/KH2. He is still calling CQ, bat his signal less than N7UA. W2FJP/KH2 is not yet contact on all band, So I wish to contact to him, but now he is on air the 1826.5KHz, that is off band in JA, can not call him. It is regrettable.

Oh! pass to 2200 local time, I can watching the TV. So todays finish.

Everyone, see you tomorrow on 160m band!

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