15 November, 2009

Strong wind

this morning very strong wind blowed here. my anttena not extend so can not into power for it.

About one hour, I listen on the band. Today also same yesterday condition and today many station entry contest.

So outside JA band, many station calling CQ test.

Path to 0515 local time, wind get little bit weak. I extend to my antenna. About half hour, I can got few station on the band.

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)

1822.5 OL1A 1950Z
1819.0 OM5NU 1950Z
1815.1 UR4LRG 1958Z
1816.8 OM2XW 2000Z
1823.2 OE3GCU 2024Z
1821.3 UR5AS 2033Z
1819.2 OM5ZM 2034Z
1812.6 UA4CC 2046Z
1818.4 RA3AGF 2050Z
1824.6 OK5W 2054Z

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