18 November, 2009

This morning

This morning, ohooo strong wind blowing. yesterday all days rainy day and in mid night finished rain. I think this morning will quaiet.

But never, strong wind. not so good my feel.

I watching 160m this morning start at 0415 locat time. I heared only few stations.

On 1819, DX Cluster announced OY9JD and listening up, so few JA station calling to him.

however, I can not hear OY9JD signal. That direction, around zone40 area is my dedzone on 160m, same the black hole. Very difficalt listen that area. maybe 1time pare 1year I will get a chance, normaly never.hi

I can confirm the DX station as follows.(* mark was QSO)
1824.2 UK8DAN 1902Z
1821.9 RX4HZ 1932Z*
1823.7 OM3TWM 1938Z
1817.4 UA9FGR 1940Z

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