25 November, 2009


This morning here is rain weather. very cold morning. I went shack and turn on my IC-7700.

Just start listen 160m, this morning very noisy condition. The ear becomes painful when hearing it for a long time.

Last night, I got A31A. It was very lucky. He was on air off band for JA. The first pickup to simplex freq, maybe he picked up for USA. but not so good condition for North America. After that, he cheanged listed point for Down.

However, He no announce down freq. I called down 1.5KHz and 3minits. but no answer.I moved another freq for down 1.2KHz and call again.

Few times called, after return to my call. Lucky! I got it, after many JA station calling. everybody don't know now A31A listend down freq. I am very lucky!

But this morning, 1823 on air the VK9XX pick up down 4KHz. Many EU station called him. Basicaly pick up to Europe and some times JA. I called him about half hour. but no return, after 2015Z he QSY to 1819 and down 8KHz for pick up to JA.

Hardluck, 1819 is difficalt hear, because here is BC beat near freq. With many JA station call to start his anounnced freq. Ohooooooooooooo Big paile up.

I gave it up because there was not time either. Luck did not continue by two times.

I wish to contact for VK9XX, but that direction for my ded point area. As same as zone 40. Most signals are regions that are inhaled and not heard.

This evening try again.

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