17 November, 2009

todays closing

It seems to have caught a cold. so today wake up pass to 0500 local time. to late.

It's no problem, todays also not so good condition, I think. Because few stations only hear. That is same asian place.

However, passed at 0515 local time, It start big pileup suddenly on 1817-1818.

What started? I was confused. I understand 2-3minits later.

On 1816, 5N0OCH was QRV that keyed up, so many big gun station call to him, just started.

As same as TX3A peditions start up situation. But I sad, I never hear his signal.Big guns has very good ear, everythink can hear.

Another one, JD1BIE QRV on 1823, and still calling CQ. but everybody calling to 5N0OCH in this time. So Few stations only return to his CQ.It seemed to be free.

This morning I no contact. same as closing.

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