05 November, 2009

Todays DXing

This morning, I heard 160m at 2000Z.

Recently here sunrise at around 2100Z, before 30minits the band conditon was up.

But I prepare of work at 2100Z everyday , So can not try to DXing after 2100Z.

This morning, First hear IV3PRK on 1824 at 1951Z.

That signal had lot of QSB and heard few minits, after fade out here.

But some good ear station callin to him.

The next near freq on 1823, UA2FW was called CQ DX. Not so strong but his signal was stable.

So lot of JA called him. I was contacted him end of last month, so today I can not called him.

Fainaly, todays number one signal came here. That was SV3RF, first calling CQ DX on 1815.5

I called him, but not yet open between JA to SV land. I am QRP station, so If the band condition was unstable, it had lot of QSB. maybe my signal can copied very difficaslt.

Almost case, can not copy bottom of QSB, At 2030Z His signa peeked about 579 here.

I think, todays last chance still call to him. but he copied only JA and last call "F"

Bad luck, today was no contact. Tomorrow has come,so try again.

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