08 November, 2009

Very noisy condition

This morning, I wakeup at 400 at local time. I turn on my IC-7700 and start watching on 160m.

But this mornig very very noisy, The big static noise was covered sometimes of the band.

So it is very difficalt to hear a weak signal.but, today some contest stations avtive on the band. In JAs band plan is 1810 to 1825, up to 1822, many contest station calling CQ test. however, I am not intarested in this contest.

Todays condition is poor, Friday and Saturday 2days morning, the band was low noise and good condition, so many many station QRV on the band that activety was very high.

Therefore, today is not so good. so if one europe station calling CQ then lot of JA stations calling him, start pileup.

Confirm station in today (* mark is QSO)
1820.5 HB9LCW 1905Z
1823.6 UA9LCW 1931Z
1822.5 BU2AQ 1943Z*
1818.4 ES5QX 1945Z*
1814.2 S50U 1951Z*
1817.0 UR0VN 2013Z*
1811.8 OK2BUZ 2032Z
1811.0 KH2L 2035Z*
1821.9 UA4M 2045Z TEST
1829.3 UA9TQ 2046Z TEST
1824.0 SN2B 2049Z TEST
1814.5 OH0/DK1MAX 2052Z weak
1813.1 UA6LP 2057Z

here is sun rise at 0614 local time(2114Z), now the band was closed.

This evening, I will watch the band and looking for XR0Y. maybe though it might be useless.

Have a nice sunday.

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