21 November, 2009


Todays weekend morning, the band condition was good. so lot of JA
station QRV on the band.

In JA's band plan on 1810-1825. Today some DX station QRV out side JA band. HB9LCW on 1825.2, It is off band in JA, so lot of JA station calling on 1824.5 to 1824.9, Big pileup.

Recently, no good condition at morning time in JA, however today is different and today is weekend. Big station , normal station and small station together QRV on the band. Some freq, one JA station calling CQ DX by side another DX station QRV, very near freq so some station confuse this situation.

I heard station as follows (*mark QSO)
1821.6 IV3PRK 2013Z*
1825.2 HB9LCW 2018Z
1818.5 I2ZFD 2031Z
1817.2 SJ2W 2103Z

Much to my regret I am not heard T7 and OY stations.

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