06 November, 2009

Wonderful morning

Today morning, it's wonderful morning that start at 1945Z.

First I heard ES1QD on 1816.7, My ear was doubted. Because very strong signal coming here. really 599 report.

I think, I can get QSO with him. I pushed message keyer for my callsig few times and wait, ES1QD return to my call. Got it, just start today QSOs.

After 2000Z, coming good open between JA to EU, many stations signal coming and every body strong, really doubted.

This good condition sitt continue after sun rise.

Today confirmation list. (* mark is QSOs)

1816.9 ES1QD 1945Z*
1818.9 IV3PRK 1946Z
1814.1 RA3QTT 1957Z*
1820.8 SM3GSK 2008Z*
1811.8 OH5VT 2029Z*
1817.3 HB9BLQ 2030Z
1822.5 RK3PA 2038Z*
1824.9 OK1AWH 2039Z*
1821.8 OM2XW 2047Z
1823.5 EU7SD 2049Z*

I wish tomorrow as same as todays condition.

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