22 November, 2009

Wonderful morning

This morning, I wakeup to late. Wakeup at 2000Z in this morning. The band was already opend, so lot of JA and DX stations on air on the band.

Today some DX station entry for DX contest. Today take place OE and JT contests.The DX station entry which is contest? The first listen to contest reports. Zone number is JT contest, and another one is sireal number. That is OE contest.

I feel that band is very narrow. because, JA station called DX station where littel bit different freq. So very QRM in the band, no clear spots.

The band open until around 2200Z, very waide open today. After 2200Z, Westan areas station still calling DX. already sunrise here.

Therefore, I can got many stations this morning.

todays report as follows(* mark is QSO)

1824.1 RU4PU 2003Z*
1823.1 JT1T 2007Z*
1816.5 RU3ZX 2011Z*
1821.5 UR4LRG 2015Z
1820.6 YL2SM 2027Z
1824.5 BW3/DJ3KR 2031Z
1822.0 JT1CO 2035Z*
1819.0 UA4CC 2037Z
1823.6 UX0LL/A 2045Z
1822.6 OK1DIG 2049Z*
1817.8 RK9CWW 2057Z*
1817.3 RT3T 2100Z*
1824.9 OE3I 2116Z
1821.5 OE3GCU 2128Z*
1819.7 E77DX 2130Z

next weekend will start CQWW CW,so next week more DX statios QRV I think.

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