07 November, 2009

XR0Y on 160m

I checked Band Master software, I found XR0Y report.

It on air on 1815 QSX up now. Just turn on my IC-7700 and tuning 1815. But only noise by small loop antena.

Now some big JA stations calling him, some person return from XR0Y. Their are good ear stations. Same god ear ha ha ha...

I change shunt feed antena from small loop antenna, Ohoooooo very waek signal can hear, but not understand. report is 329 with QSB.

nevermaind, may antenna system is poor, I understand. If condition will up, ofcause very very good condition, I can hear his signal. but If will come good condition, maybe XR0 pedition finished.

TX3A also today not so strong. why?

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