27 December, 2009

listening for South America

This evening, I heard for CE1/K7CA on 1819. His signal is not so strong, but I can heard his signal.

Now holiday serson,so lot of JA station calling him. Everybody very strong, maybe I can not get him, so I only listen.

I think, today very good condition on 160m band.

26 December, 2009

New year holiday

This saturday, almost JA station is start new year holiday. In this morning, many JA stations QRV on 160m band.

The band condition was so so, before 2000Z I heard some Ukraine stations. Their were RU3DX and RU4UR. They were good signal came to here.

Another PA and LY stations signal also heard, but not so strong.

I think, most active station now on BU2AQ. everyday QRV

tomorrow morning where can hear?

21 December, 2009

As same as yesterday

This morning, as same as bad condition on the band. very noisy, and I heard only few stations.

First UW7LL on 1818.4, I called him but around 2100Z no return, he was only CQ. Few JA station called him, same as me.

after sunrise here at 2150Z, I try again call to UW7LL. This time return to answer.I contacted on 160m after a long time.

Another station, only DL in Europe area and BU2AQ in asia area. BU2AQ was everyday very active on 160m. Usually calling CQ on 1824.5. Freq was fixed.

Really, no good recent condition.

20 December, 2009

This morning

About few days here was very strong wind blowed, weather was very bad condition.so, I can not up to my tower. My 160m antenna system is shunt feed antenna,so if tower is not full up then can not QRV(SWR is high)

However, I can listen in this morning

I found many station on the band, today active station entry on 9A CW contest.
E7 and EU-UA stations signal heard.

Maybe this morning so so good condition, but here was very noisy. maybe effect of wather condition.

I QSY to 40m band. Few days I didn't active on 160m band.

17 December, 2009

This years activity

This year, QRV on 160m second serson. Recently, sunspot number was 38 yesterday. little bit high band condition was up, so low band was not so good much noise here.

I was contacted entity as follows


I running 200W into shunt feed antenna. Not so high power, but it can get a lot of entitys.

I am very pleased QSO of TF and G.

Each place direction for across the north pole. It is necessary more high power and good ear.

However, I don't have each item. It can get or no, depending on the condition.

near future, sunspot will up to high level. low band will close and lot of pepole move to high bands.

Let's work hard until the day comes.

14 December, 2009

Yesterday night

Yesterday night, good open for paciffice ocean. VK stations good signal coming here. Also heard some US stations.

US stations call to VK stations. Not so strong, but stable signals coming.So I can confirming callsign.

But this morning, Not so good, I can confirming only E77DX. Another stations can not heard.

Recentry band condition, Befor 2000Z and after 2100Z, band condition is so so, but
between 2000Z to 2100Z, about 1 hour not so good, all signal is the lost. Why? on 40m band is also.

This morning no contact.

13 December, 2009

Todays so so

The band noise level is down today. But condition is so so.

Check the DX cluster, many DX station QRV on the band, but I can not hear. My antenna is poor , I think.

This morning I heard a little stattions. I called few stations, but one station only return. Others no return.

1824.8 SM0MDG 2052Z
1811.2 YL2KO 2116Z
1823.0 UR0MC 2123Z*
1817.0 IK0HBN 2128Z

12 December, 2009

After a long time

Weekday I don't have free time in the morning, so this week almost no watch on 160m, only 40m band.

Today is weekend, I listen on 160m band, but today is very very noisy. sometimes S meter idented over the S9.

However, band condition is so so good. Many DX station QRV today, but I don't hear their signal.

Today I heard station as follows

1814.0 JT1CO 1850Z
1818.5 RW0CR 1855Z
1821.5 UA4CC 2006Z
1820.9 IV3PKR 2023Z
1823.5 DL5XU 2025Z
1822.8 HB9LCW 2033Z
1818.5 SM6SPY 2102Z

I was contacted DL5XU only. I wish no noise tomorrow morning.

08 December, 2009

What recent condex?

This morning, I listen on 160m that start at 2015Z. Here is sunrise after 2130Z, so not so good timing, I know.

However, I prirarate my job everydat at 2100Z, so I can listen 2000Z to 2100Z without weekend.

This morning not hear EU station on 160m, only hear VQ9LA on 1814. But his signal has many QSB. It bottom is lost his signal. With there are many noise I think so.Because many JA station calling to him, but no return still calling CQ.

Listening after 10minits, he talk to Up2. I call to him many times. He pikeuped my signal and send report me, it is 339. His signal is 559

But I can get QSO him today. I am happy this morninig.

This evening I will looking for E5 peditions.

07 December, 2009

Todays DX

This morning, I didn't have free time.I designed new QSL card and send to printing supplyer.

Just now , I heard 160m band. but very quaiet on the band. I can tunning slowly by tunning dial.

I found few asian stations, That is BU2AQ on 1824.5, he is very active station on the band. every day same freq used and calling CQ DX. Same as pilot station.

Another one is JT1CO on 1826.5, before CQWWCW contest he was on air on 160m, after very active on the band. same as BU2AQ.

Cluster spoted TF4M, KL7Y, but no hear me.

05 December, 2009

A7 on 160m

This mornig, on 1824+ very big pileup. Famuse JA DXser calinng. Who is on air now?

Not unerstand, I looking for down 1khz. I found everybody call station. That is A7/M0FGA.

I first time hear on 160m. However, can not call to him. because many JA station calling him, but almost no return. Big station call but no return, I call never return.Only hear.

Another staion I found, list as follows.

1820.3 RA9FTM 2008Z
1816.0 DL8QS 2010Z
1827.5 KH2L 2030Z
1820.7 HA8RM 2030Z
1817.7 UA2FW 2041Z
1822.4 RP68MB 2049Z
1824.5 BU2AQ 2051Z

Today very little open for long distance. maybe long spans QSB on the band. sometimes found DX signal but as soon lost it.

04 December, 2009

Condex up

Last night, I called south asia stations. but not get thier. maybe It might have been a sign to which the condition improved.

This morning here at before 2000Z. I found RK3PA on 1822.6, and I worry if call him then todays also no return happen.

But I try to call him few times, he send to QRZ. Oh My signal arrive there. I still call him.

I got my report from him. finished QSO. Feeling relieved.

After I got SP7GIQ. This morning I contacted 2 stations. Good today.

03 December, 2009

Around south east asia

This evenig, here is rain. the band has some noise. No good DX hunting situation, but I can hear the 160m band.

Here is this evening, around south east asia area station is active. DU9/DL5SDF, HS0ZEE, XU7ACY 3stations active CQ calling.

Many JA station call to their, but no answer. A few very strong stations picked up. Maybe there are very high noise levels. It nois different our area noise. That is toropical original noise.

After 1230Z their signals is fade out.

This evening only hear, no contact. Oh! not this evenig, everyday is correct.

Conditions up?

This morning, I heard only 10minits. I can operated on 40m BPSK31 mode today. It can many QSO today. Fisrt I can QSO at few station after finished 40m operation when QSY to 160m. but many station calling me on BPSK31 mode.so can not QSY to 160m.

About 40m minits QRV on 40m after that move to 160m. but times up, I can prepare of todays work. So I hear littile bit times.

However, this morning was good condition? many DX and JA station QRV on the 160m band.

i can check the DX station quickly. I heard as follows, ofcause 200W can not QSO of pileup.

1819.3 OM2XY 2032Z
1820.9 IV3PRK 2033Z
1822.0 JD1BMM 2034Z
1824.2 OK1TN 2035Z
1824.8 OE3GCU 2043Z

Tomorrow morning, I will try again.

02 December, 2009

So quaiet

Todays also very quaiet. Major JA DXer is no QRV. I checked in the band about 10minits.

I found DX station only two. Their are called another DX station around 1821. That was UA6GP and UA4CR. Maybe thier called C31CT on 1819. Ofcause I no hear C31CT signal.Other no hear so quaiet in the band.

Last night at around 1200Z, VK9XX on aired on 160m. It has deep QSB, however peeked signal was very good. I think, I could get it today so called 30minits.

But not get it. badluck. Why so difficalt QSO for south eastan asia to indian ocean.VQ9 also I can got it about 2 searson.

about 1 week, I can not QSO on 160m. When I can QSO on 160m.

today turn off my rig.

01 December, 2009

After long time on 160m

After CQ WW CW contest, This morning I listen on 160m. this morning ,very quaiet on 160m band.

At 0424 localtime, only one station QRV on 160m. That is UA6GP on 1816.8 and calling CQ JA. I think, the condition is not so good, his signal has long spans QSB here.

Few stations called him, after I called him. but not yet enough open the band. Can not contact only 200W powers.

Another station not found, today only him on the band. I looking for DX station for QSY to 40m BPSK mode.