05 December, 2009

A7 on 160m

This mornig, on 1824+ very big pileup. Famuse JA DXser calinng. Who is on air now?

Not unerstand, I looking for down 1khz. I found everybody call station. That is A7/M0FGA.

I first time hear on 160m. However, can not call to him. because many JA station calling him, but almost no return. Big station call but no return, I call never return.Only hear.

Another staion I found, list as follows.

1820.3 RA9FTM 2008Z
1816.0 DL8QS 2010Z
1827.5 KH2L 2030Z
1820.7 HA8RM 2030Z
1817.7 UA2FW 2041Z
1822.4 RP68MB 2049Z
1824.5 BU2AQ 2051Z

Today very little open for long distance. maybe long spans QSB on the band. sometimes found DX signal but as soon lost it.

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