12 December, 2009

After a long time

Weekday I don't have free time in the morning, so this week almost no watch on 160m, only 40m band.

Today is weekend, I listen on 160m band, but today is very very noisy. sometimes S meter idented over the S9.

However, band condition is so so good. Many DX station QRV today, but I don't hear their signal.

Today I heard station as follows

1814.0 JT1CO 1850Z
1818.5 RW0CR 1855Z
1821.5 UA4CC 2006Z
1820.9 IV3PKR 2023Z
1823.5 DL5XU 2025Z
1822.8 HB9LCW 2033Z
1818.5 SM6SPY 2102Z

I was contacted DL5XU only. I wish no noise tomorrow morning.

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