03 December, 2009

Conditions up?

This morning, I heard only 10minits. I can operated on 40m BPSK31 mode today. It can many QSO today. Fisrt I can QSO at few station after finished 40m operation when QSY to 160m. but many station calling me on BPSK31 mode.so can not QSY to 160m.

About 40m minits QRV on 40m after that move to 160m. but times up, I can prepare of todays work. So I hear littile bit times.

However, this morning was good condition? many DX and JA station QRV on the 160m band.

i can check the DX station quickly. I heard as follows, ofcause 200W can not QSO of pileup.

1819.3 OM2XY 2032Z
1820.9 IV3PRK 2033Z
1822.0 JD1BMM 2034Z
1824.2 OK1TN 2035Z
1824.8 OE3GCU 2043Z

Tomorrow morning, I will try again.

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