02 December, 2009

So quaiet

Todays also very quaiet. Major JA DXer is no QRV. I checked in the band about 10minits.

I found DX station only two. Their are called another DX station around 1821. That was UA6GP and UA4CR. Maybe thier called C31CT on 1819. Ofcause I no hear C31CT signal.Other no hear so quaiet in the band.

Last night at around 1200Z, VK9XX on aired on 160m. It has deep QSB, however peeked signal was very good. I think, I could get it today so called 30minits.

But not get it. badluck. Why so difficalt QSO for south eastan asia to indian ocean.VQ9 also I can got it about 2 searson.

about 1 week, I can not QSO on 160m. When I can QSO on 160m.

today turn off my rig.

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