08 December, 2009

What recent condex?

This morning, I listen on 160m that start at 2015Z. Here is sunrise after 2130Z, so not so good timing, I know.

However, I prirarate my job everydat at 2100Z, so I can listen 2000Z to 2100Z without weekend.

This morning not hear EU station on 160m, only hear VQ9LA on 1814. But his signal has many QSB. It bottom is lost his signal. With there are many noise I think so.Because many JA station calling to him, but no return still calling CQ.

Listening after 10minits, he talk to Up2. I call to him many times. He pikeuped my signal and send report me, it is 339. His signal is 559

But I can get QSO him today. I am happy this morninig.

This evening I will looking for E5 peditions.

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