31 December, 2010

Still bad weather

This morning, still bad weather here. Strong wind blowed here. It about 6 meter par second. It maximam over 12 meter par second. Offcause I can not clank up to my tower.

However, I listend on the band in this morning. At 1954Z, I heard IV3PRK CQ call on 1823.5, It had some QSB.

JA7 person called him, but not return to call. Still call CQ. Maybe that time was one way path.

IV3PRK was last signal from Europe on 160m in this year. I wish to good condition on next year.

A Happy new year 2011 for everyone. See you next new year on 160m band.

29 December, 2010

Bad condition and weather

Recently, Still bad condtion with wather. Only yesterday day time, strong wind closed. Very quaiet and sunny day, so I can check my antenna systems.

However, last night was started again blowed strong wind. Avarage speed was 8 to 9 meters par second. Sometimes over 13m/s.

My tower still clank down minimum length, so I can not operate top band. Nearly 1 week, I can not operate. However, listen on the band everyday. Antenna length is not enough, so DX signal came here but very weak.

When stop this bad wather? Maybe only gods know.

22 December, 2010

This morning

Recently SSN is 0, zero! Still continue few days. I wish to good open on 160m.
However, as same as usual. This morning also, on 1826.5 KH2/N2NL was called CQ. Some Eropian station return to him. I can copy their.
In JA band, nothing, all of nothing. Path to 2015Z, IV3PRK calling CQ. It is about 579 report.
Not spacialy today, normal day. I can not found many DX stations.

20 December, 2010

Never hear S21

The S21dx pedition was start. However, that signal was not hear yet.
Good ear station was called him, but not contact . Maybe S21 land has many and heavy QRN on the band. Diffcult copy  weak signal.
Offcause, I not hear .

To everbody , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011  

14 December, 2010


Yesterday evening, I wacthed 160m. Listening 1810 to up.
First, I found BU2AQ on 1822.5, He was on air on this freq usual, after that he moved another freq and call to another station. Who?
Ok, I found who he call station. On 1826.5 V73QQ on air and QSX DWN2. Just 1824.5, so BU2AU called freq. Some JA station found V73QQ that start small pile up.
I also call to him. Still call about 5min, V73QQ return to my call. Ohoooo, I got new one. Happy evening.
V73QQ still calling CQ for QSX DWN and UP1. However, very few stations only call to him. So he was QRT or QSY.
The 160m had not pile up, very quaiet and some noise.

13 December, 2010

Quiet morning

Recent every monday morning, the band is very quiet. This morning also. Never hear DX signal, only the noise.
I listend about 15min , no hear signal that tune of my rig.
This evening, I wish good condition.

12 December, 2010

I got A45XR

Everyday I heard A45XR signal. I calld him many times, but never return.

However, this morning here. Signal was very strong. today also call again many times. First try, never. Before 2100Z, signal was more strong. I try to second time in this morning. I called, other call returned few times. I still call to him.

Oh, just return to my call, but miss copy call. I send again my call that he confirm my call sign. About 1 week, I called him. Today finish, I will be not able to call tomorrow.

This serson, I got 4 new entitis. That were ZL8, ZK2, 4O and A4. This mornig A4 as same sa early Christmas present.

02 December, 2010


This morning, very good propagation for middle east direction.
I was heard A92IO signal on top band. It was very strong, unbilivable signal strings.
Many JA stations called him on 1816khz. However, return to only QRZ.
Almost return to EUROPE. I wish to next big chance.

27 November, 2010

Good contact

Last night, I looking for ZK2A on 160m. I received QRV information from friend. His information was follow. ZK2A QRV on 1833 at around 1400Z and QSX UP2 with 1815.

I waited 1833 at 1400Z. I found very weak signal on 1833.1 that justZK2A CQ call.

However, very weak with deep QSB signal. So can not call to him. Stil wait 30minits. Signal to UP and QSB to little.

I call to ZK2A for 5 minits. At 1428Z I got it. fine contact. Inthis morning, I checked Log search. I found my call.

I am very lucky. Another one, YB1ALL also QSO in this morning. This week up 3 for 160m DXCC.

25 November, 2010

ZK2A QRV on 160m

Yesterday night, ZK2A was QRV on 1832.5 at around 1200Z. I listend that freq. That was very noisy with beet.

So ZK2A signal was very weak, however I understand his mores code. He send to UP2 QSX 1834.5, outside JA band.

About 1 hour, listen to his signal. but not up to signal. I power off my IC-7700.

Not as same as ZL8X signal. Very very weak.

22 November, 2010

Logged in

ZL8X Log search was started today. I checked my QSO status, 160m QSO was logged in. I am happy, one up for DXCC on 160m.
This year first time new one got it. Next try to ZK2A.

Noisy morning

This morning very noisy on the band. And not enough open for Europe.
Last saturday started ZL8 pedition. In evening time was very active every stations. However, very quaiet motning.
Pile up was only OD5NJ on 1827, some stations called him up 1khz. Anoher no pile up in this morning.

21 November, 2010

ZL8X was started DXpedition

Yesterday around 1000Z ZL8X ws started on 160m operation. First on 1826.5 listening up 3KHz. The band was open for US and around the paciffice area.

Still listen up, I wait to operation for listening down. JA band plan is 1810 to 1825KHz. So We were wait for listening down.

At 1020Z, ZL8X listening down 3Khz, wait many JA station was started calling ZL8X. Just start big pile up. Around 1823.5KHz, build up big JA's wall, maybe heavy QRM difficalt to separate to each call sign.

I call to 1823KHz, still call about less than 5 minits. Very lucky, return to my call soon.

Next I will wait ZK2A operation on 160m.

17 November, 2010

Good condition

This morning, the band condition was very good. Low noise in the band.
So many europian stations signal came here, I am very surpplised at this condition, because my antenna is poor, shunt feed antenna only. However, each station has good signal.
This morning I contacted to lot of stations. I am very happy.
Todays contact list as follows
Heard list as follows

Thanks for contact stations .

16 November, 2010

I heard EU in this morning

This morning, I heard two Italy stations on the band.

On is IK4WMT, and other one is.IV3PRK. This morning IK4 station signal better than IV3.

Amother LZ2WO was heard. The band condition will growing up now.

15 November, 2010

Few days

Last week end, top band condition was little bit good. US west corst signal is good.
N7XM signal was strong, I am very surplise. This morning AP station was on aired. Up 1khz for many station call to AP station.
I can confirmed few EU stations before sunrise. Recent condition, not so good before sunrise, after sunrise was better. However, this morning was different.
Maybe top band condition still growing up.
This week, where can hear?

11 November, 2010

Why no good?

I used shunt feed antenna. I compaer last serson and this seson.
Never hear, if I found DX signal. But very weak. Same as last serson heard stastion. Big different listening function.
What is different, some mounting antenna is not same. Last serson used 80m rotaly dipole, 17m 3ele, 40m 3ele. This serson without rotaly dipole and 17m 3ele. After mount 30m HB9CV and 10m 6ele yagi.
Maybe change to capasitive vale for grand. So electric length is no same befor and now.

I still analysis antenna condition for MMANA.

09 November, 2010

This morning

5R8X was on air on 160m band in this morning. But condition was no good, JA pepole can not call. No pile up.

This morning I heard only T77C, but not to strong. I never call to him. Some JA stations call him. Not bigger pileup it.

08 November, 2010

Why not hear?

This serson, almost no hear DX. If heard however very weak. So I contacted
to DX station very little in this serson.
What is different for last serson and previus serson. Most biggest different
point was my antenna.
I can use the shuntfeed antenna. This antenna has very important point.
Shuntfeed antenna need capacitive, last time I had 80m rotaly dipole
and maunt of top of my tower, but this year it change for other small
So antenna paformance to down, I think so. I will think improbement plan.

06 November, 2010

After a long time no write blog

Really after a long time. Recently, I listen on 160m band. However, not same as last serson. Almost station's signal ws weak.

My antenna sysytem is same, but listening situation is not same. Why?
But, Top band is very fun. If today very bad situation, however tomorrow will not same. So I like this band.

I will listen on the band everyday, maybe sometimes will be able to get QSO.

Everybody see you on the band.

27 August, 2010

Good condex

Last night, very good condition for paciffic area. This season first time listen for FK8CP.

That is very strong signal came here. I try to call and QSO for him. However, same as direction for FO8RZ, never hear his signal. Why?

Other stations as same as active for OC. I contacted to KH2/N2NL, and heared VK3ZL.

22 August, 2010

This morning

Hi all, This morning top band serson will come. I think so. Yesterday, only few minits I heard UA4 stations signal.

However, this morning first I heard RK3PA. He is not so strong, but I can copy his signal.

Or more, I surprised at OZ1CTK signal. His signal is came to here and stable signal. Sometimes strong. He called CQDX long time, I tried to call him. but never return. Only hear.

However, serson will come step by step. maybe next month. more DX signal will be able to listen on 160m band.

21 August, 2010

I heard DX signal

This morning, I checked on 160m band at 1945Z

I heard UA4 stations signal. It after a long time on 160m DX. I think, Season will come. mayne.

I will try to listen on 160m band everyday after today.

10 August, 2010

I do not hear anything as usual.

Hi Low band user.

After a long time. Sometimes I heard on 160m band, however sitll only noise.

mayeb next month, start to low band season. So sometimes hear DX signal I think so. Everybody see on 160m.

19 July, 2010

FW5M on 160m

Hi all, after a long time. Now JA group are QRv on FW. Their active on low band, and try to 160m.

Today 1823 at 1025Z, I heard his signal. The band is very noisy serson, however I clear copied his signal on my small loop antenna.

I try to call that return to my call, I copied. however, I copied muy call only, report and final did not copied. Bad luck, meybe no QSO.

However, if pacifice area will on air that I can listen there signal, maybe will get it.

14 June, 2010

After a long time

The band conditon was no good, sometimes I hear on the band, but only noise.

This morning here local time. JA7NI calling CQ test on the band. However no return to call to him.

not so good condition.If DX station will QRV, however everybody not found DX station. Because almost pepole no check the band condition.

Some porson check the band, taht pepole will get it, I think so.

Condition is no relationship, need to concentrat for watching band.

11 May, 2010

After a long time on 160m

First of this month, ZL7 was operated for HF band. First announced fro him. Can operate on 160 to 10m. I wish to contact for 160m.

However, can not operated on 160m.

After a long time, today I hear on 160m, DXcluster disped some DX station. IV3PRK and VK3PA, UT5ID, each stations spoted JA DXer.

But luck, I can never hear. Before next serson, I will be able to prepare for recive antenna system again.

Recently, I onair on up to 30m digital mode. but sometimes check on 160m.

So everybody, See you on 160m again.

11 April, 2010

I got 3W6C

yesterday night, I checked JIDX on 160m band. Band condition was not so good, only near area(Asian russia)

At 1140Z 3W6C QRV on 160m. however, very short time operation on 160m. I am very lucky, I called and QSO after he send to QRX. but never again QRV on 160m.

This morning, I checked Logsearch. Oh, logged in. Very very lucky.

10 April, 2010

No hear YI9PSE on 1835

Yesterday and today I listend on 1835 and looking for YI9PSE. This week first, I heared his signal. however, other days no hear his signal.

I got information for mail from JA pilot staion. He said, this weekend YI9PSE listen on 1835 and QSX 1822-1824 at 2000Z-2100Z

Two days, I listen that freq. but never hear. yesterday only 4 JA stations contacted to YI9PSE. They has good ear. because almost pepole no hear his signal, however their can listened and got it.

This mornig, 1822.5 on SU9HP and more early morning A61Q was also on air on 160m.But luck, I no hear YI9PSE.

This mornig I got two stations, that was T88AT and RX4HZ. RX4HZ(Vlad) was very strong signal came here, same as 40m signal. I am very surpplised at his signal.

This night and tomorrow morning, I listen for 160m. Maybe some station entry on JIDX CW contest.

I wish to meet many station on 160m.

See everybody on 160m.

06 April, 2010

YI9PSE on 160m

This morning, YI9PSE QRV on 160m band. He is on air on 1835 and listening up freq. Yesterday to until now , up to 40m band was bad condition. Almost no hear DX station on the band.

So, I listen to 160m in this morning. It can hear some DX stations. Totaly 3 stations heared. One was YI9PSE, good signal came here, but listen for outside asia.maybe many asian station wait for him listening down.but never, here is sunrise that signal to down. Bad luck.

Other UT4UGT and KH2L. Their signal also good. After a long time QSO on 160m. If high band condition is no good then chacking for 160m is better. High band is close, maybe 160m will open.

21 March, 2010

Band is closeing

Day time, the temp was very warm here, so spring has come now. On the 160m band was very noisy now.

Yesterday, KH7Y was on the air that i feel it. in winter serson, KH6 area is very easy contact. ofcause there are near place from JA. However, yestarday very difficalt contact, because the band was very hight level noise.

I think, the 160m band serson is close. next try will autom serson. i will move to high band.

see you next serson. howevr, I checking the band condition everyday.

18 March, 2010

ZK3YA workd maybe...

At 1254Z on 1815. I heard ZK3YA. Today good condition so I can hear his signal 559.But it has QSB.

He calling CQ up1, I calling up1 freq. just only me call to him. so quick return.

I confirm report and send to report.

I wish to complet QSO

14 March, 2010


To late, before 2hours ago, ZK3YA QRV on 160m. But I hear the band at now.

Now hear on the band, XU7ACY Calling CQ on 1811. He calling CQ so many times, but answer is pnly few time, still call CQ.

SV5 also, ZK3 also, very difficalt hear this serson. maybe can not get their in this serson.

13 March, 2010

Don't hear ZK3YA

This evening, Zk3YA QRV on 160m band. I checked Web Cluster, US station spoted ZK3YA report.

I hear that freq, but don't hear his signal. I checked called freq for up1. That freq can hear called station deom US.

Oh my god, normaly very easy hear around pacifice area, however don't hear ZK3 signal, only heard call staions signal.

What use the antenna system by ZK3 stations?

10 March, 2010


This evening, ZK3YA on air the 160m band. This infomation from DX cluster. That time, I watched TV show, so I was not checck that. Bad luck.

Just now VQ9LA on air 1814. This evening good signal come here from Indian ocean. However, his signal has lot of QSB. many JA station call to him, but sometimes no answer and call to CQ. Maybe there place has lot of noise. I think so, same as south east asia zone.

08 March, 2010

Todays DX

This mornig, the band is low noise. So long time hear the band no hard my ear.

This morning the band condition is better than yesterday. First I heard RA3ZC on 1824, I called many times. but no answer from him. only one way path. Other JA station alsp called. same as no answer.

Near freq, UR6QA called CQ. He was very strong, I think it can QSO maybe. I called few times, Ohooo return to me. I got it.

Another LZ2WO and IV3PRK I heard. but weak today.

I think still continue listen on the band everyday. sometimes, I will get luck.


07 March, 2010

This morning

This morning, I looking for SV5/DJ7RJ. At the 1900Z, not yet hear his signal on the band.

That time very active of 3 stations. one is japanese super DXer, JA7NI was called CQ.Some station call to him, but I never hear his call station.

Other stations were EY8/K4ZW and BU2AQ. Their were good signal came here, maybe this mornig the band conditon is better than yesterday.

I was QSO for two stations, and wait for SV5/DJ7RJ. At near 2100Z, SV5/DJ7RJ QSX 1814 and picked up for JA.

However, his good signal is not continue long time. about 30min, his signal dorpped here for fead out. Maybe path to move westan japan area.

This mornig also I lose pike up.

06 March, 2010


This mornig, SV5/DJ7RJ QRV on 1826.5 QSX for 1812.5, He was on air just here sun rise time. However, today rainy morning here,so overcast condition. but very noisy.

That was rain noise here,sometimes generated very strong noise. SV5/DJ7RJ
signal was not so strong here with QSB.

I can not call to him. bad luck. after 10min, feadout his signal.

yesterday XE, today SV5, I heard, but not get that.

05 March, 2010


Before 10min, I heard XE2/N7DD was just call to CQ on 1822. Nobody call to him, just only me call to him, poor antenna system into 200W for call him about few times.

However, never arrived my signal for him. still CQ. Other JA station found him, just start pile up.

Oh no! I still call, but no answer. Retirn to other JA station. Sad....

Signal to down, maybe close the path between here to XE.

I wish to next open for central america.

02 March, 2010

Was the band opend?

Was opend on 160m on this morning?

Some person call to DX station on 160m in this morning here, but I don't hear DX signal.

I checked DX Cluster, they were SV5/DJ7RJ and IV3PRK. I confirmed their calls. however, never hear their signal.

Bad luck

01 March, 2010


Already 160m is off serson? Major station also not active on the band. This evening, I wiatching on the band after a long time.

Just now CQ calling HL2CFY on 1824.8, He is calling CQ for log time. But never returns. He is alone on the band.

I listen to him CQ that how long hear. 10minits or more, just return to JA station to call him. Good contact. however, finish the QSO after still calling CQ, not yet return call, still CQ calling.

25 February, 2010


Just now I start listen on 160m band in this evening. This evening, DX1J is very strong signal coming here on 1823.

Just DX1J only QRV on 160m, so many JA station call to him. Everday on this freq, BU2AQ on air on this freq, but today not yet listen his signal.

And I checked on 1831.5, normaly Fk8CP is on air on this freq. But today no hear his signal.

Ohoooo 160m serson path to over there.

22 February, 2010

Nearly season to off ?

This morning, I heard 160m band. but I heard only the noise. In this season, northan area DXer was evryday calling CQ in JA, but recently never.

They are very active stations. however, recently no call to CQ, only watching. If DX station will QRV then call to start. Maybe their still listen on the band, but can not call to CQ.

This morning (around 2000Z), only one DX stations signal heared. That was UA4UDF, his signal only this morning. Just called CQ for few times. i called him, but no contact, he return to other asian UA station.

Another station never hear, so I QSY to 40m.

Here spring has come,so this band will near close.

21 February, 2010

Todays condition

This morning, before 2000Z the band noise was very low. I think, good condition but DX signal not yet coming. Only few stations.

UR4PU is calling CQ just start. Very strong signal come here. Wait for his CQ then finish I call quickly.

Another station no call to him, just call me only,so return my call from UR4PU and his send good signal report 599.

Normaly I got report about 559, if good condition 579. sometimes 339 received.So today I am very surprised. mybe 599 is mean add service point.

And other one, OK1DF and HA9SU is very big pile up from JA. Why? I don't understand.

I think, today the band condition is not so good all, so that two stations are very big signal come japan. So everybody check to each transmittion condition.

Each persson think, if easy get there, maybe no problem condition. if difficalt condition is no good.

They check by each system of measurement for by myself.

20 February, 2010

TX3D and TX4T on LoTW

This morning, I uploaded todays QSO. After I checked recived QSL status. Ohoooo surprised at QSL status.

TX4T is still QRV on the air, but already uploaded some logged. Very quickly action. and TX3D also uploaded.

I am very happy, there are my new entities on 160m band, so I'm happy. On 160m is now second season, I got entity step by step. Now totaly 75 entities worked, confirm is now 45 entities.

I think, 160m operation as same as QRP operation. Some station can listen, however can not contact, not easy. so very fun.

Recantly sunspot will growing up to high number. maybe almost pepole move to high band. However I still listen on 160m. Sunspot will high but dose not connection for low band operation.

I still looking for DX on 160m so see you on 160m!

This morning DX

This morning, I listend the band at 1930Z. The band was not enough open, however few stations signal confirmed.

Todays first contact was UA3EKG on 1821.4, Thanks his support.maybe my signal was very very weak, but he patient listend my signal. Thanks your kindness.

On 1815.5, that freq 4Z1UF with VK3AMZ QSO. I can listen the 4Z1UF signal. Really good condition on the band.

I wait there QSO, and after call to 4Z, I think. But, that freq start for VK3AMZ, maybe.So 4Z1UF was QSO finished then QSY to other freq. Ohoooooo, lost him. Where go there.

i called VK3AMZ and QSO.

Here sunrise time at 2129Z. Around that time, noise level with up. So difficalt copy for DX signal.

Maybe serson will nearly off.

But I will listen on the band everyday.

19 February, 2010

This evening

N7OU team still QRV on 5W Island. Yesterday bad weather condition in samoa Is,so canceled ZK3 trip. Still wait in samoa Is when weather improves.

I wish to operation fom ZK3 on low band.

This evening, 5W0YA operating on 160m band on 1821.5 but that freq has some beets QRM here, and his signal is very weak. So very difficalt copy his signal.

However, around paciffice are consition is still good. This evening DX1J on 1823. It send to big signal here from DU. Lot of DXer wait 5W's signal, but never hear so everybody chenge the target.

Now start big pile up to DX1J. first it QSO on freq, but many station call him by endless call.

So it chenged the split QSO as soon. I called up 1.8 about 10 minits, I got return to my call.

FK8CP also, today still call CQ on 1831.5 QSX1816. But only few stations call to him.

Really still good condition.

make a matching box

Already path to half month in Feb. The 160m band is unstable condition. Some day good open, other day only noise. Maybe season is move to close.

I think, this season is good chance for home brew antenna or transceiver accessary.

Today I make a new antenna matching box. It is very simple system. It compose of less than 10 parts.

More good weather, I will make all antenna system in my house.

13 February, 2010

Got TX4T last nigh

2days ago, I was released TX4T on 160m. That main couse was sleeped. Before one day, no operation on 160m.

So I looked for last night. At 1000Z already on air TX4T on 1831.5, last night also good signal came to here that time. But He contacted to US mainly. However, that time was no assingment US. it opened call. Some JA station called, not enough open to FO/p path.

I heard everybody called freq, booming. many station called him, but he still calling CQ with QSX announce.

I despair call to him, few hour TV watch and QSL printing.

At 1300Z, signal is not so good before 3 hour, lot of very long cycle QSB had. Peak signal strings same as before about 579, but bottom line was lost his signal about 5minits.

Very difficalt call to him, If he is pick up and return to my call, then signal is QSB bottom, I never confirm QSO.

I try to call few times, one time call, wait few minits, after call. I call to him this style.

At 1352Z, I confirmed return to my call. but signal was droped. I didn't have confidenced our QSO.

This morning, I checked TX4T log search. I pray for in the log.

Ohoooo, my called logged in on 160m.

Today I am very happy, normaly FO8RZ signal is never hear on 160m. Everybody call to him, but I never hear however no call to him.

But TX4T signal is good , I can hear and confirm. Today I got 1up on 160m DXCC.

11 February, 2010


Last night, TX4T QRV on 160m at around 1000Z. His signal was very strong. Very good signal came here.

As same as FO8RZ QTH, but different each signals. Normaly FO8RZ signal was very weak, very difficalt copied his signal, but TX4T is sa same sa asia area station. I think will get QSO for FO Island.

But around 1500Z he was only NA/SA, still picked up NA station. I sleepy that time, because few days ago, I got C21DL as same time. Normaly wakeup at 0400 local time.
Very sleepy. I closed operation at 1400Z

TX4T QRZ JA at 1530Z. I already sleep. Bad luck, I lost the chance.

Today I will try watch at around 1500Z on 160m, I looking for TX4T on 160m

09 February, 2010

Got C21DL last night

The last night, on 160m band is very good condition here. At 1300Z many US stations signal coming here. Everybody was very stronged.

I called few stations and QSOed for W7OE and W9NGA. They were very strong signal came here.

At 1400Z, C21DL on aired on 1825.5 that freq was off band in JA. He still calling CQ, however no info for QSX freq. I wait his information. but no info.

He changed CQ JA, Almost JA station called DWN 1KHz, but I think now called same freq, maybe no pick up for my poor system.

I change the DWN 0.9KHz a littele bit different for other JA station.

I called few time, return to my call from C21DL.

Oh my God, I got it about few minits.

I am very happy last night. I worked on 160m for 1 Up.

07 February, 2010

This morning

This morning, the band condition was not so good. I heard only few stations. UR5AS and UR7GO.

Some JA station called OM3 station, but I didn't hear his signal. Not so many station called,so still band condition was no good.

After CQ WW 160m contest, almost 160m DX serson was finished. maybe I think so.

But I think, most important action will still watch the band. When the band will open, nobody know that.

30 January, 2010

Before CQ WW 160m contest

Here in this morning, before CQ WW 160m contest. The band is very good condition. I found many station in my IC-7700 monitor scorpe.

This week, not so good condition on the band. so everyday heared only few stations. But in this morning, many europeian stations on air.

here and there, some one is small pile up, other one is big pile up. Very fun in this morning.

I can got many station on the band. However, near the sunrise time, more JA station QRV on the band so just start heavy pile up.

I noly hear pile up for out side pile up. My system is very poor, so can noy join the pile up.

I will please this evening.

25 January, 2010

Loged in

This morning, I checked TX3D Log search. I found my call on 160m.

It is very lucky!

24 January, 2010

TX3D now QRV

This evening TX3D on 1830 at around 0930Z but his signal has lot of QSB here. Peek is 579 but bottom is 329.

However I can confirm his return. Now split operation listening 1824. Lot of JA station calling him.

I also call to him about few time. I confirm return to my call and send to signal report. However, his signal to QSB bottom. I not hear his TU signal.

I will wait update to TX3D online log. I will check log book, if not found, I will try again.

I think, last time TX5SPA was very strong signal send to japan. maybe different used antenna system.

The antenna is most important on 160m band. If poor that can not send strong signal. Big power is alomost loss enagey.

Very good condition

This morning, after a long time very good condition. before 2000Z Europian stations signal coming here.

I think, better than before 2000Z. Because the band open was spotted area, never all JA area. So pile up was low, only few stations. However open time span was very short. It about 10minits plus minus.

Recently, at 2030Z to 2100Z the band was tempolary close. Almost DX stations signal go out on the band.

After around sunrise, DX signal up again. However signal up again around sunrise time, all area is open for DX so many station call to DX station,so here and there many pile up on the band.

This morning I got 6 stations and heard add 5 or more stations. This morning I enjoied after a long time really.

23 January, 2010

This morning

This morning, lot of stations signal came to here ealy morning. But path was not two way.

Some station, many JA called him that still calling CQ. Why? signal was good no problem. maybe one way path.

near sunrise, path to two waying and lot os JA station QSO for DX station.

I contacted only UA3AB. This morning only one QSO.

22 January, 2010


This morning here, E77DX was very strong on the band. I heard his signal many times on 160m.

Already QSO other bands, but on 160m was not yet. This morning, I tried contact again. but at 2000Z, few JA stations called him. My signal weak than other stations.so not yet.

I QSY to 40m one time, because other JA station still call to him. maybe not yet me.

About 10mini return to 160m, just now other JA station finish the QSO. I call to him quickly.

Return from the him for QRZ? OK, just call me only, I still call to him twice.

Return to my call with signal report. God it!

I am very happy.

I wish to tomorrow morning for same situation. I wish get new one.

19 January, 2010

Short times opend

Recently the band was opend, however very short times opend that about 15mini.

This morning also, I heard 5B4AGM before 2000Z. His signal had QSB. QSB bottom was 449 but peek was 579.

It was good signal, me with another JA called him few times. but nobody returnd.He was contacted to EU stations. I heard his QSo station.

We wait finich his QSO, but path to 10mini. signal to down with lot of QSB. It can not call him.

Near 2000Z, his signal fead out on the band.

So recently I will call to DX station for only one chance.

17 January, 2010

Not so good

Saturday and Sunday morning, here is not so good condition. Ofcause some station QRV on the band.

However, Here listen that stations very weak. can not call to their.

I think, 1day par 1week good open the band. That will can get easy DX station, but other 5day or 6days no good condition.

Last weekend I could not QSO DX on the band.

15 January, 2010

Quiet evening

Few days very strong wind blowed here. I can not cluncked up my tower. So everyday only hear on top band.

Recently SSN was up over 30, but not so good on all HF band. On 20m also very short time opend.

Yesterday morning on 160m band was opend only 15min here. Very first closed band. I was very surpplised situation.

This evening, noise level is veru low on 160m. Weak signal can hear today. Now open the paciffice area, I got two QSO this evening. KH7Y and VK3IO. KH7Y was very strong signal came to here.

I think, the top band condition is not good continue two days. Today good one, tomorrow will also good? no garantee, maybe so so or bad.

11 January, 2010

Different yesterday and today

Yesterday very good condition on 160m band. here listend at 400 to 730 local time.Many DX statio QRV on 160m band.

i can got lot of stations by my sntenna system. Normaly, only one or two stations contact, but yesterday I was QSO total 6 stations.

However, good condition was not still two days. This morning different yesterday morning.

About 400 to 700 locat time, almost not hear DX stations on my antenna system. Some big station were QSO to DX, maybe my antenna system is poor. I know.

After 700 local time, the band condition up to half hour. Here was sunrise at 615 localtime. Just pathed 1 hour, but DX signal was stable here, ON4UN was good at 720 Local time, It is true.

Recently 160m band, not same as yesterday and today. Ofcause today and tomorrow will different.

So band condition focast will very difficalt now.

What will tomorrow condition?

09 January, 2010

I got FK8CP

yesterday evening, I listend on 160m band. on te band, only BU2AQ calling CQ DX. He is very active , but other station never hear.

I looking for oceanian stations around 1830. but this freq has some beet noise.

i still hear half hour, then signal up to the noise. Just FK8CP send QRZ QSX 15,
Oh my god. I heard his signal at first time on 160m.

Today very lucky, I called him on 1815 few times, first few times never, call again next few time.

FK8CP send my call and report. I send his report. Just conferm our QSO.

I got FK and DXCC up1, nou total 70 emtities.

Still continue DX hunting on 160m this serson.

05 January, 2010

Last night

In new year, still no good wather. everyday blowed strong wind. but last night not same as usually wather.

very quaiet, no wind, and very cold.

I listend 160m band between 2000-2200 local time. (As same as 1100Z-1300Z) Very good open around paciffice area. some DU stations on air last night.

mostly DU1ZV was very strong signal came to here. Same as our local station.

However, usually can listen station is BU2AQ. He is very active well, everyday can hear his signal. He like 1822.5,1824.5

02 January, 2010

Still no good wather

Here is bad wather beofre 2days ago until now. Very strong wind blowing, peek at 15m/s wind speed. i can not clankup my tower.

This morning, few stations signal coming here very strong. I can try to call for one staion.

It station was RN3CT. He was very good signal ccame to here and stabled signal. My towere not enough clankuped but I called.

Oh! return to my call. i am very happy . He was my 1st QSO on 160m/2010

I wish to quaiet morning.

01 January, 2010

A Happy new year 2010

Happy new year 2010 everybody! I wish to good condition on the band.

But yesterday to until now, here is very strong wind blowing. My tower can not clanking up, so I can not QRV on 160m band. only listen.

I wish quaiet morning in this morning.

Enjoy your hoilday.