30 January, 2010

Before CQ WW 160m contest

Here in this morning, before CQ WW 160m contest. The band is very good condition. I found many station in my IC-7700 monitor scorpe.

This week, not so good condition on the band. so everyday heared only few stations. But in this morning, many europeian stations on air.

here and there, some one is small pile up, other one is big pile up. Very fun in this morning.

I can got many station on the band. However, near the sunrise time, more JA station QRV on the band so just start heavy pile up.

I noly hear pile up for out side pile up. My system is very poor, so can noy join the pile up.

I will please this evening.

25 January, 2010

Loged in

This morning, I checked TX3D Log search. I found my call on 160m.

It is very lucky!

24 January, 2010

TX3D now QRV

This evening TX3D on 1830 at around 0930Z but his signal has lot of QSB here. Peek is 579 but bottom is 329.

However I can confirm his return. Now split operation listening 1824. Lot of JA station calling him.

I also call to him about few time. I confirm return to my call and send to signal report. However, his signal to QSB bottom. I not hear his TU signal.

I will wait update to TX3D online log. I will check log book, if not found, I will try again.

I think, last time TX5SPA was very strong signal send to japan. maybe different used antenna system.

The antenna is most important on 160m band. If poor that can not send strong signal. Big power is alomost loss enagey.

Very good condition

This morning, after a long time very good condition. before 2000Z Europian stations signal coming here.

I think, better than before 2000Z. Because the band open was spotted area, never all JA area. So pile up was low, only few stations. However open time span was very short. It about 10minits plus minus.

Recently, at 2030Z to 2100Z the band was tempolary close. Almost DX stations signal go out on the band.

After around sunrise, DX signal up again. However signal up again around sunrise time, all area is open for DX so many station call to DX station,so here and there many pile up on the band.

This morning I got 6 stations and heard add 5 or more stations. This morning I enjoied after a long time really.

23 January, 2010

This morning

This morning, lot of stations signal came to here ealy morning. But path was not two way.

Some station, many JA called him that still calling CQ. Why? signal was good no problem. maybe one way path.

near sunrise, path to two waying and lot os JA station QSO for DX station.

I contacted only UA3AB. This morning only one QSO.

22 January, 2010


This morning here, E77DX was very strong on the band. I heard his signal many times on 160m.

Already QSO other bands, but on 160m was not yet. This morning, I tried contact again. but at 2000Z, few JA stations called him. My signal weak than other stations.so not yet.

I QSY to 40m one time, because other JA station still call to him. maybe not yet me.

About 10mini return to 160m, just now other JA station finish the QSO. I call to him quickly.

Return from the him for QRZ? OK, just call me only, I still call to him twice.

Return to my call with signal report. God it!

I am very happy.

I wish to tomorrow morning for same situation. I wish get new one.

19 January, 2010

Short times opend

Recently the band was opend, however very short times opend that about 15mini.

This morning also, I heard 5B4AGM before 2000Z. His signal had QSB. QSB bottom was 449 but peek was 579.

It was good signal, me with another JA called him few times. but nobody returnd.He was contacted to EU stations. I heard his QSo station.

We wait finich his QSO, but path to 10mini. signal to down with lot of QSB. It can not call him.

Near 2000Z, his signal fead out on the band.

So recently I will call to DX station for only one chance.

17 January, 2010

Not so good

Saturday and Sunday morning, here is not so good condition. Ofcause some station QRV on the band.

However, Here listen that stations very weak. can not call to their.

I think, 1day par 1week good open the band. That will can get easy DX station, but other 5day or 6days no good condition.

Last weekend I could not QSO DX on the band.

15 January, 2010

Quiet evening

Few days very strong wind blowed here. I can not cluncked up my tower. So everyday only hear on top band.

Recently SSN was up over 30, but not so good on all HF band. On 20m also very short time opend.

Yesterday morning on 160m band was opend only 15min here. Very first closed band. I was very surpplised situation.

This evening, noise level is veru low on 160m. Weak signal can hear today. Now open the paciffice area, I got two QSO this evening. KH7Y and VK3IO. KH7Y was very strong signal came to here.

I think, the top band condition is not good continue two days. Today good one, tomorrow will also good? no garantee, maybe so so or bad.

11 January, 2010

Different yesterday and today

Yesterday very good condition on 160m band. here listend at 400 to 730 local time.Many DX statio QRV on 160m band.

i can got lot of stations by my sntenna system. Normaly, only one or two stations contact, but yesterday I was QSO total 6 stations.

However, good condition was not still two days. This morning different yesterday morning.

About 400 to 700 locat time, almost not hear DX stations on my antenna system. Some big station were QSO to DX, maybe my antenna system is poor. I know.

After 700 local time, the band condition up to half hour. Here was sunrise at 615 localtime. Just pathed 1 hour, but DX signal was stable here, ON4UN was good at 720 Local time, It is true.

Recently 160m band, not same as yesterday and today. Ofcause today and tomorrow will different.

So band condition focast will very difficalt now.

What will tomorrow condition?

09 January, 2010

I got FK8CP

yesterday evening, I listend on 160m band. on te band, only BU2AQ calling CQ DX. He is very active , but other station never hear.

I looking for oceanian stations around 1830. but this freq has some beet noise.

i still hear half hour, then signal up to the noise. Just FK8CP send QRZ QSX 15,
Oh my god. I heard his signal at first time on 160m.

Today very lucky, I called him on 1815 few times, first few times never, call again next few time.

FK8CP send my call and report. I send his report. Just conferm our QSO.

I got FK and DXCC up1, nou total 70 emtities.

Still continue DX hunting on 160m this serson.

05 January, 2010

Last night

In new year, still no good wather. everyday blowed strong wind. but last night not same as usually wather.

very quaiet, no wind, and very cold.

I listend 160m band between 2000-2200 local time. (As same as 1100Z-1300Z) Very good open around paciffice area. some DU stations on air last night.

mostly DU1ZV was very strong signal came to here. Same as our local station.

However, usually can listen station is BU2AQ. He is very active well, everyday can hear his signal. He like 1822.5,1824.5

02 January, 2010

Still no good wather

Here is bad wather beofre 2days ago until now. Very strong wind blowing, peek at 15m/s wind speed. i can not clankup my tower.

This morning, few stations signal coming here very strong. I can try to call for one staion.

It station was RN3CT. He was very good signal ccame to here and stabled signal. My towere not enough clankuped but I called.

Oh! return to my call. i am very happy . He was my 1st QSO on 160m/2010

I wish to quaiet morning.

01 January, 2010

A Happy new year 2010

Happy new year 2010 everybody! I wish to good condition on the band.

But yesterday to until now, here is very strong wind blowing. My tower can not clanking up, so I can not QRV on 160m band. only listen.

I wish quaiet morning in this morning.

Enjoy your hoilday.