11 January, 2010

Different yesterday and today

Yesterday very good condition on 160m band. here listend at 400 to 730 local time.Many DX statio QRV on 160m band.

i can got lot of stations by my sntenna system. Normaly, only one or two stations contact, but yesterday I was QSO total 6 stations.

However, good condition was not still two days. This morning different yesterday morning.

About 400 to 700 locat time, almost not hear DX stations on my antenna system. Some big station were QSO to DX, maybe my antenna system is poor. I know.

After 700 local time, the band condition up to half hour. Here was sunrise at 615 localtime. Just pathed 1 hour, but DX signal was stable here, ON4UN was good at 720 Local time, It is true.

Recently 160m band, not same as yesterday and today. Ofcause today and tomorrow will different.

So band condition focast will very difficalt now.

What will tomorrow condition?

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