22 January, 2010


This morning here, E77DX was very strong on the band. I heard his signal many times on 160m.

Already QSO other bands, but on 160m was not yet. This morning, I tried contact again. but at 2000Z, few JA stations called him. My signal weak than other stations.so not yet.

I QSY to 40m one time, because other JA station still call to him. maybe not yet me.

About 10mini return to 160m, just now other JA station finish the QSO. I call to him quickly.

Return from the him for QRZ? OK, just call me only, I still call to him twice.

Return to my call with signal report. God it!

I am very happy.

I wish to tomorrow morning for same situation. I wish get new one.

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