09 January, 2010

I got FK8CP

yesterday evening, I listend on 160m band. on te band, only BU2AQ calling CQ DX. He is very active , but other station never hear.

I looking for oceanian stations around 1830. but this freq has some beet noise.

i still hear half hour, then signal up to the noise. Just FK8CP send QRZ QSX 15,
Oh my god. I heard his signal at first time on 160m.

Today very lucky, I called him on 1815 few times, first few times never, call again next few time.

FK8CP send my call and report. I send his report. Just conferm our QSO.

I got FK and DXCC up1, nou total 70 emtities.

Still continue DX hunting on 160m this serson.

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  1. very glad for you. i have not worked a JA yet.
    DE Jim N4ZY


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