24 January, 2010

TX3D now QRV

This evening TX3D on 1830 at around 0930Z but his signal has lot of QSB here. Peek is 579 but bottom is 329.

However I can confirm his return. Now split operation listening 1824. Lot of JA station calling him.

I also call to him about few time. I confirm return to my call and send to signal report. However, his signal to QSB bottom. I not hear his TU signal.

I will wait update to TX3D online log. I will check log book, if not found, I will try again.

I think, last time TX5SPA was very strong signal send to japan. maybe different used antenna system.

The antenna is most important on 160m band. If poor that can not send strong signal. Big power is alomost loss enagey.

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