25 February, 2010


Just now I start listen on 160m band in this evening. This evening, DX1J is very strong signal coming here on 1823.

Just DX1J only QRV on 160m, so many JA station call to him. Everday on this freq, BU2AQ on air on this freq, but today not yet listen his signal.

And I checked on 1831.5, normaly Fk8CP is on air on this freq. But today no hear his signal.

Ohoooo 160m serson path to over there.

22 February, 2010

Nearly season to off ?

This morning, I heard 160m band. but I heard only the noise. In this season, northan area DXer was evryday calling CQ in JA, but recently never.

They are very active stations. however, recently no call to CQ, only watching. If DX station will QRV then call to start. Maybe their still listen on the band, but can not call to CQ.

This morning (around 2000Z), only one DX stations signal heared. That was UA4UDF, his signal only this morning. Just called CQ for few times. i called him, but no contact, he return to other asian UA station.

Another station never hear, so I QSY to 40m.

Here spring has come,so this band will near close.

21 February, 2010

Todays condition

This morning, before 2000Z the band noise was very low. I think, good condition but DX signal not yet coming. Only few stations.

UR4PU is calling CQ just start. Very strong signal come here. Wait for his CQ then finish I call quickly.

Another station no call to him, just call me only,so return my call from UR4PU and his send good signal report 599.

Normaly I got report about 559, if good condition 579. sometimes 339 received.So today I am very surprised. mybe 599 is mean add service point.

And other one, OK1DF and HA9SU is very big pile up from JA. Why? I don't understand.

I think, today the band condition is not so good all, so that two stations are very big signal come japan. So everybody check to each transmittion condition.

Each persson think, if easy get there, maybe no problem condition. if difficalt condition is no good.

They check by each system of measurement for by myself.

20 February, 2010

TX3D and TX4T on LoTW

This morning, I uploaded todays QSO. After I checked recived QSL status. Ohoooo surprised at QSL status.

TX4T is still QRV on the air, but already uploaded some logged. Very quickly action. and TX3D also uploaded.

I am very happy, there are my new entities on 160m band, so I'm happy. On 160m is now second season, I got entity step by step. Now totaly 75 entities worked, confirm is now 45 entities.

I think, 160m operation as same as QRP operation. Some station can listen, however can not contact, not easy. so very fun.

Recantly sunspot will growing up to high number. maybe almost pepole move to high band. However I still listen on 160m. Sunspot will high but dose not connection for low band operation.

I still looking for DX on 160m so see you on 160m!

This morning DX

This morning, I listend the band at 1930Z. The band was not enough open, however few stations signal confirmed.

Todays first contact was UA3EKG on 1821.4, Thanks his support.maybe my signal was very very weak, but he patient listend my signal. Thanks your kindness.

On 1815.5, that freq 4Z1UF with VK3AMZ QSO. I can listen the 4Z1UF signal. Really good condition on the band.

I wait there QSO, and after call to 4Z, I think. But, that freq start for VK3AMZ, maybe.So 4Z1UF was QSO finished then QSY to other freq. Ohoooooo, lost him. Where go there.

i called VK3AMZ and QSO.

Here sunrise time at 2129Z. Around that time, noise level with up. So difficalt copy for DX signal.

Maybe serson will nearly off.

But I will listen on the band everyday.

19 February, 2010

This evening

N7OU team still QRV on 5W Island. Yesterday bad weather condition in samoa Is,so canceled ZK3 trip. Still wait in samoa Is when weather improves.

I wish to operation fom ZK3 on low band.

This evening, 5W0YA operating on 160m band on 1821.5 but that freq has some beets QRM here, and his signal is very weak. So very difficalt copy his signal.

However, around paciffice are consition is still good. This evening DX1J on 1823. It send to big signal here from DU. Lot of DXer wait 5W's signal, but never hear so everybody chenge the target.

Now start big pile up to DX1J. first it QSO on freq, but many station call him by endless call.

So it chenged the split QSO as soon. I called up 1.8 about 10 minits, I got return to my call.

FK8CP also, today still call CQ on 1831.5 QSX1816. But only few stations call to him.

Really still good condition.

make a matching box

Already path to half month in Feb. The 160m band is unstable condition. Some day good open, other day only noise. Maybe season is move to close.

I think, this season is good chance for home brew antenna or transceiver accessary.

Today I make a new antenna matching box. It is very simple system. It compose of less than 10 parts.

More good weather, I will make all antenna system in my house.

13 February, 2010

Got TX4T last nigh

2days ago, I was released TX4T on 160m. That main couse was sleeped. Before one day, no operation on 160m.

So I looked for last night. At 1000Z already on air TX4T on 1831.5, last night also good signal came to here that time. But He contacted to US mainly. However, that time was no assingment US. it opened call. Some JA station called, not enough open to FO/p path.

I heard everybody called freq, booming. many station called him, but he still calling CQ with QSX announce.

I despair call to him, few hour TV watch and QSL printing.

At 1300Z, signal is not so good before 3 hour, lot of very long cycle QSB had. Peak signal strings same as before about 579, but bottom line was lost his signal about 5minits.

Very difficalt call to him, If he is pick up and return to my call, then signal is QSB bottom, I never confirm QSO.

I try to call few times, one time call, wait few minits, after call. I call to him this style.

At 1352Z, I confirmed return to my call. but signal was droped. I didn't have confidenced our QSO.

This morning, I checked TX4T log search. I pray for in the log.

Ohoooo, my called logged in on 160m.

Today I am very happy, normaly FO8RZ signal is never hear on 160m. Everybody call to him, but I never hear however no call to him.

But TX4T signal is good , I can hear and confirm. Today I got 1up on 160m DXCC.

11 February, 2010


Last night, TX4T QRV on 160m at around 1000Z. His signal was very strong. Very good signal came here.

As same as FO8RZ QTH, but different each signals. Normaly FO8RZ signal was very weak, very difficalt copied his signal, but TX4T is sa same sa asia area station. I think will get QSO for FO Island.

But around 1500Z he was only NA/SA, still picked up NA station. I sleepy that time, because few days ago, I got C21DL as same time. Normaly wakeup at 0400 local time.
Very sleepy. I closed operation at 1400Z

TX4T QRZ JA at 1530Z. I already sleep. Bad luck, I lost the chance.

Today I will try watch at around 1500Z on 160m, I looking for TX4T on 160m

09 February, 2010

Got C21DL last night

The last night, on 160m band is very good condition here. At 1300Z many US stations signal coming here. Everybody was very stronged.

I called few stations and QSOed for W7OE and W9NGA. They were very strong signal came here.

At 1400Z, C21DL on aired on 1825.5 that freq was off band in JA. He still calling CQ, however no info for QSX freq. I wait his information. but no info.

He changed CQ JA, Almost JA station called DWN 1KHz, but I think now called same freq, maybe no pick up for my poor system.

I change the DWN 0.9KHz a littele bit different for other JA station.

I called few time, return to my call from C21DL.

Oh my God, I got it about few minits.

I am very happy last night. I worked on 160m for 1 Up.

07 February, 2010

This morning

This morning, the band condition was not so good. I heard only few stations. UR5AS and UR7GO.

Some JA station called OM3 station, but I didn't hear his signal. Not so many station called,so still band condition was no good.

After CQ WW 160m contest, almost 160m DX serson was finished. maybe I think so.

But I think, most important action will still watch the band. When the band will open, nobody know that.