09 February, 2010

Got C21DL last night

The last night, on 160m band is very good condition here. At 1300Z many US stations signal coming here. Everybody was very stronged.

I called few stations and QSOed for W7OE and W9NGA. They were very strong signal came here.

At 1400Z, C21DL on aired on 1825.5 that freq was off band in JA. He still calling CQ, however no info for QSX freq. I wait his information. but no info.

He changed CQ JA, Almost JA station called DWN 1KHz, but I think now called same freq, maybe no pick up for my poor system.

I change the DWN 0.9KHz a littele bit different for other JA station.

I called few time, return to my call from C21DL.

Oh my God, I got it about few minits.

I am very happy last night. I worked on 160m for 1 Up.

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