13 February, 2010

Got TX4T last nigh

2days ago, I was released TX4T on 160m. That main couse was sleeped. Before one day, no operation on 160m.

So I looked for last night. At 1000Z already on air TX4T on 1831.5, last night also good signal came to here that time. But He contacted to US mainly. However, that time was no assingment US. it opened call. Some JA station called, not enough open to FO/p path.

I heard everybody called freq, booming. many station called him, but he still calling CQ with QSX announce.

I despair call to him, few hour TV watch and QSL printing.

At 1300Z, signal is not so good before 3 hour, lot of very long cycle QSB had. Peak signal strings same as before about 579, but bottom line was lost his signal about 5minits.

Very difficalt call to him, If he is pick up and return to my call, then signal is QSB bottom, I never confirm QSO.

I try to call few times, one time call, wait few minits, after call. I call to him this style.

At 1352Z, I confirmed return to my call. but signal was droped. I didn't have confidenced our QSO.

This morning, I checked TX4T log search. I pray for in the log.

Ohoooo, my called logged in on 160m.

Today I am very happy, normaly FO8RZ signal is never hear on 160m. Everybody call to him, but I never hear however no call to him.

But TX4T signal is good , I can hear and confirm. Today I got 1up on 160m DXCC.

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