19 February, 2010

This evening

N7OU team still QRV on 5W Island. Yesterday bad weather condition in samoa Is,so canceled ZK3 trip. Still wait in samoa Is when weather improves.

I wish to operation fom ZK3 on low band.

This evening, 5W0YA operating on 160m band on 1821.5 but that freq has some beets QRM here, and his signal is very weak. So very difficalt copy his signal.

However, around paciffice are consition is still good. This evening DX1J on 1823. It send to big signal here from DU. Lot of DXer wait 5W's signal, but never hear so everybody chenge the target.

Now start big pile up to DX1J. first it QSO on freq, but many station call him by endless call.

So it chenged the split QSO as soon. I called up 1.8 about 10 minits, I got return to my call.

FK8CP also, today still call CQ on 1831.5 QSX1816. But only few stations call to him.

Really still good condition.

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