20 February, 2010

This morning DX

This morning, I listend the band at 1930Z. The band was not enough open, however few stations signal confirmed.

Todays first contact was UA3EKG on 1821.4, Thanks his support.maybe my signal was very very weak, but he patient listend my signal. Thanks your kindness.

On 1815.5, that freq 4Z1UF with VK3AMZ QSO. I can listen the 4Z1UF signal. Really good condition on the band.

I wait there QSO, and after call to 4Z, I think. But, that freq start for VK3AMZ, maybe.So 4Z1UF was QSO finished then QSY to other freq. Ohoooooo, lost him. Where go there.

i called VK3AMZ and QSO.

Here sunrise time at 2129Z. Around that time, noise level with up. So difficalt copy for DX signal.

Maybe serson will nearly off.

But I will listen on the band everyday.

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