21 February, 2010

Todays condition

This morning, before 2000Z the band noise was very low. I think, good condition but DX signal not yet coming. Only few stations.

UR4PU is calling CQ just start. Very strong signal come here. Wait for his CQ then finish I call quickly.

Another station no call to him, just call me only,so return my call from UR4PU and his send good signal report 599.

Normaly I got report about 559, if good condition 579. sometimes 339 received.So today I am very surprised. mybe 599 is mean add service point.

And other one, OK1DF and HA9SU is very big pile up from JA. Why? I don't understand.

I think, today the band condition is not so good all, so that two stations are very big signal come japan. So everybody check to each transmittion condition.

Each persson think, if easy get there, maybe no problem condition. if difficalt condition is no good.

They check by each system of measurement for by myself.

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