20 February, 2010

TX3D and TX4T on LoTW

This morning, I uploaded todays QSO. After I checked recived QSL status. Ohoooo surprised at QSL status.

TX4T is still QRV on the air, but already uploaded some logged. Very quickly action. and TX3D also uploaded.

I am very happy, there are my new entities on 160m band, so I'm happy. On 160m is now second season, I got entity step by step. Now totaly 75 entities worked, confirm is now 45 entities.

I think, 160m operation as same as QRP operation. Some station can listen, however can not contact, not easy. so very fun.

Recantly sunspot will growing up to high number. maybe almost pepole move to high band. However I still listen on 160m. Sunspot will high but dose not connection for low band operation.

I still looking for DX on 160m so see you on 160m!

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