11 February, 2010


Last night, TX4T QRV on 160m at around 1000Z. His signal was very strong. Very good signal came here.

As same as FO8RZ QTH, but different each signals. Normaly FO8RZ signal was very weak, very difficalt copied his signal, but TX4T is sa same sa asia area station. I think will get QSO for FO Island.

But around 1500Z he was only NA/SA, still picked up NA station. I sleepy that time, because few days ago, I got C21DL as same time. Normaly wakeup at 0400 local time.
Very sleepy. I closed operation at 1400Z

TX4T QRZ JA at 1530Z. I already sleep. Bad luck, I lost the chance.

Today I will try watch at around 1500Z on 160m, I looking for TX4T on 160m

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