21 March, 2010

Band is closeing

Day time, the temp was very warm here, so spring has come now. On the 160m band was very noisy now.

Yesterday, KH7Y was on the air that i feel it. in winter serson, KH6 area is very easy contact. ofcause there are near place from JA. However, yestarday very difficalt contact, because the band was very hight level noise.

I think, the 160m band serson is close. next try will autom serson. i will move to high band.

see you next serson. howevr, I checking the band condition everyday.

18 March, 2010

ZK3YA workd maybe...

At 1254Z on 1815. I heard ZK3YA. Today good condition so I can hear his signal 559.But it has QSB.

He calling CQ up1, I calling up1 freq. just only me call to him. so quick return.

I confirm report and send to report.

I wish to complet QSO

14 March, 2010


To late, before 2hours ago, ZK3YA QRV on 160m. But I hear the band at now.

Now hear on the band, XU7ACY Calling CQ on 1811. He calling CQ so many times, but answer is pnly few time, still call CQ.

SV5 also, ZK3 also, very difficalt hear this serson. maybe can not get their in this serson.

13 March, 2010

Don't hear ZK3YA

This evening, Zk3YA QRV on 160m band. I checked Web Cluster, US station spoted ZK3YA report.

I hear that freq, but don't hear his signal. I checked called freq for up1. That freq can hear called station deom US.

Oh my god, normaly very easy hear around pacifice area, however don't hear ZK3 signal, only heard call staions signal.

What use the antenna system by ZK3 stations?

10 March, 2010


This evening, ZK3YA on air the 160m band. This infomation from DX cluster. That time, I watched TV show, so I was not checck that. Bad luck.

Just now VQ9LA on air 1814. This evening good signal come here from Indian ocean. However, his signal has lot of QSB. many JA station call to him, but sometimes no answer and call to CQ. Maybe there place has lot of noise. I think so, same as south east asia zone.

08 March, 2010

Todays DX

This mornig, the band is low noise. So long time hear the band no hard my ear.

This morning the band condition is better than yesterday. First I heard RA3ZC on 1824, I called many times. but no answer from him. only one way path. Other JA station alsp called. same as no answer.

Near freq, UR6QA called CQ. He was very strong, I think it can QSO maybe. I called few times, Ohooo return to me. I got it.

Another LZ2WO and IV3PRK I heard. but weak today.

I think still continue listen on the band everyday. sometimes, I will get luck.


07 March, 2010

This morning

This morning, I looking for SV5/DJ7RJ. At the 1900Z, not yet hear his signal on the band.

That time very active of 3 stations. one is japanese super DXer, JA7NI was called CQ.Some station call to him, but I never hear his call station.

Other stations were EY8/K4ZW and BU2AQ. Their were good signal came here, maybe this mornig the band conditon is better than yesterday.

I was QSO for two stations, and wait for SV5/DJ7RJ. At near 2100Z, SV5/DJ7RJ QSX 1814 and picked up for JA.

However, his good signal is not continue long time. about 30min, his signal dorpped here for fead out. Maybe path to move westan japan area.

This mornig also I lose pike up.

06 March, 2010


This mornig, SV5/DJ7RJ QRV on 1826.5 QSX for 1812.5, He was on air just here sun rise time. However, today rainy morning here,so overcast condition. but very noisy.

That was rain noise here,sometimes generated very strong noise. SV5/DJ7RJ
signal was not so strong here with QSB.

I can not call to him. bad luck. after 10min, feadout his signal.

yesterday XE, today SV5, I heard, but not get that.

05 March, 2010


Before 10min, I heard XE2/N7DD was just call to CQ on 1822. Nobody call to him, just only me call to him, poor antenna system into 200W for call him about few times.

However, never arrived my signal for him. still CQ. Other JA station found him, just start pile up.

Oh no! I still call, but no answer. Retirn to other JA station. Sad....

Signal to down, maybe close the path between here to XE.

I wish to next open for central america.

02 March, 2010

Was the band opend?

Was opend on 160m on this morning?

Some person call to DX station on 160m in this morning here, but I don't hear DX signal.

I checked DX Cluster, they were SV5/DJ7RJ and IV3PRK. I confirmed their calls. however, never hear their signal.

Bad luck

01 March, 2010


Already 160m is off serson? Major station also not active on the band. This evening, I wiatching on the band after a long time.

Just now CQ calling HL2CFY on 1824.8, He is calling CQ for log time. But never returns. He is alone on the band.

I listen to him CQ that how long hear. 10minits or more, just return to JA station to call him. Good contact. however, finish the QSO after still calling CQ, not yet return call, still CQ calling.