07 March, 2010

This morning

This morning, I looking for SV5/DJ7RJ. At the 1900Z, not yet hear his signal on the band.

That time very active of 3 stations. one is japanese super DXer, JA7NI was called CQ.Some station call to him, but I never hear his call station.

Other stations were EY8/K4ZW and BU2AQ. Their were good signal came here, maybe this mornig the band conditon is better than yesterday.

I was QSO for two stations, and wait for SV5/DJ7RJ. At near 2100Z, SV5/DJ7RJ QSX 1814 and picked up for JA.

However, his good signal is not continue long time. about 30min, his signal dorpped here for fead out. Maybe path to move westan japan area.

This mornig also I lose pike up.

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