06 April, 2010

YI9PSE on 160m

This morning, YI9PSE QRV on 160m band. He is on air on 1835 and listening up freq. Yesterday to until now , up to 40m band was bad condition. Almost no hear DX station on the band.

So, I listen to 160m in this morning. It can hear some DX stations. Totaly 3 stations heared. One was YI9PSE, good signal came here, but listen for outside asia.maybe many asian station wait for him listening down.but never, here is sunrise that signal to down. Bad luck.

Other UT4UGT and KH2L. Their signal also good. After a long time QSO on 160m. If high band condition is no good then chacking for 160m is better. High band is close, maybe 160m will open.

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