27 August, 2010

Good condex

Last night, very good condition for paciffic area. This season first time listen for FK8CP.

That is very strong signal came here. I try to call and QSO for him. However, same as direction for FO8RZ, never hear his signal. Why?

Other stations as same as active for OC. I contacted to KH2/N2NL, and heared VK3ZL.

22 August, 2010

This morning

Hi all, This morning top band serson will come. I think so. Yesterday, only few minits I heard UA4 stations signal.

However, this morning first I heard RK3PA. He is not so strong, but I can copy his signal.

Or more, I surprised at OZ1CTK signal. His signal is came to here and stable signal. Sometimes strong. He called CQDX long time, I tried to call him. but never return. Only hear.

However, serson will come step by step. maybe next month. more DX signal will be able to listen on 160m band.

21 August, 2010

I heard DX signal

This morning, I checked on 160m band at 1945Z

I heard UA4 stations signal. It after a long time on 160m DX. I think, Season will come. mayne.

I will try to listen on 160m band everyday after today.

10 August, 2010

I do not hear anything as usual.

Hi Low band user.

After a long time. Sometimes I heard on 160m band, however sitll only noise.

mayeb next month, start to low band season. So sometimes hear DX signal I think so. Everybody see on 160m.