27 November, 2010

Good contact

Last night, I looking for ZK2A on 160m. I received QRV information from friend. His information was follow. ZK2A QRV on 1833 at around 1400Z and QSX UP2 with 1815.

I waited 1833 at 1400Z. I found very weak signal on 1833.1 that justZK2A CQ call.

However, very weak with deep QSB signal. So can not call to him. Stil wait 30minits. Signal to UP and QSB to little.

I call to ZK2A for 5 minits. At 1428Z I got it. fine contact. Inthis morning, I checked Log search. I found my call.

I am very lucky. Another one, YB1ALL also QSO in this morning. This week up 3 for 160m DXCC.

25 November, 2010

ZK2A QRV on 160m

Yesterday night, ZK2A was QRV on 1832.5 at around 1200Z. I listend that freq. That was very noisy with beet.

So ZK2A signal was very weak, however I understand his mores code. He send to UP2 QSX 1834.5, outside JA band.

About 1 hour, listen to his signal. but not up to signal. I power off my IC-7700.

Not as same as ZL8X signal. Very very weak.

22 November, 2010

Logged in

ZL8X Log search was started today. I checked my QSO status, 160m QSO was logged in. I am happy, one up for DXCC on 160m.
This year first time new one got it. Next try to ZK2A.

Noisy morning

This morning very noisy on the band. And not enough open for Europe.
Last saturday started ZL8 pedition. In evening time was very active every stations. However, very quaiet motning.
Pile up was only OD5NJ on 1827, some stations called him up 1khz. Anoher no pile up in this morning.

21 November, 2010

ZL8X was started DXpedition

Yesterday around 1000Z ZL8X ws started on 160m operation. First on 1826.5 listening up 3KHz. The band was open for US and around the paciffice area.

Still listen up, I wait to operation for listening down. JA band plan is 1810 to 1825KHz. So We were wait for listening down.

At 1020Z, ZL8X listening down 3Khz, wait many JA station was started calling ZL8X. Just start big pile up. Around 1823.5KHz, build up big JA's wall, maybe heavy QRM difficalt to separate to each call sign.

I call to 1823KHz, still call about less than 5 minits. Very lucky, return to my call soon.

Next I will wait ZK2A operation on 160m.

17 November, 2010

Good condition

This morning, the band condition was very good. Low noise in the band.
So many europian stations signal came here, I am very surpplised at this condition, because my antenna is poor, shunt feed antenna only. However, each station has good signal.
This morning I contacted to lot of stations. I am very happy.
Todays contact list as follows
Heard list as follows

Thanks for contact stations .

16 November, 2010

I heard EU in this morning

This morning, I heard two Italy stations on the band.

On is IK4WMT, and other one is.IV3PRK. This morning IK4 station signal better than IV3.

Amother LZ2WO was heard. The band condition will growing up now.

15 November, 2010

Few days

Last week end, top band condition was little bit good. US west corst signal is good.
N7XM signal was strong, I am very surplise. This morning AP station was on aired. Up 1khz for many station call to AP station.
I can confirmed few EU stations before sunrise. Recent condition, not so good before sunrise, after sunrise was better. However, this morning was different.
Maybe top band condition still growing up.
This week, where can hear?

11 November, 2010

Why no good?

I used shunt feed antenna. I compaer last serson and this seson.
Never hear, if I found DX signal. But very weak. Same as last serson heard stastion. Big different listening function.
What is different, some mounting antenna is not same. Last serson used 80m rotaly dipole, 17m 3ele, 40m 3ele. This serson without rotaly dipole and 17m 3ele. After mount 30m HB9CV and 10m 6ele yagi.
Maybe change to capasitive vale for grand. So electric length is no same befor and now.

I still analysis antenna condition for MMANA.

09 November, 2010

This morning

5R8X was on air on 160m band in this morning. But condition was no good, JA pepole can not call. No pile up.

This morning I heard only T77C, but not to strong. I never call to him. Some JA stations call him. Not bigger pileup it.

08 November, 2010

Why not hear?

This serson, almost no hear DX. If heard however very weak. So I contacted
to DX station very little in this serson.
What is different for last serson and previus serson. Most biggest different
point was my antenna.
I can use the shuntfeed antenna. This antenna has very important point.
Shuntfeed antenna need capacitive, last time I had 80m rotaly dipole
and maunt of top of my tower, but this year it change for other small
So antenna paformance to down, I think so. I will think improbement plan.

06 November, 2010

After a long time no write blog

Really after a long time. Recently, I listen on 160m band. However, not same as last serson. Almost station's signal ws weak.

My antenna sysytem is same, but listening situation is not same. Why?
But, Top band is very fun. If today very bad situation, however tomorrow will not same. So I like this band.

I will listen on the band everyday, maybe sometimes will be able to get QSO.

Everybody see you on the band.