27 November, 2010

Good contact

Last night, I looking for ZK2A on 160m. I received QRV information from friend. His information was follow. ZK2A QRV on 1833 at around 1400Z and QSX UP2 with 1815.

I waited 1833 at 1400Z. I found very weak signal on 1833.1 that justZK2A CQ call.

However, very weak with deep QSB signal. So can not call to him. Stil wait 30minits. Signal to UP and QSB to little.

I call to ZK2A for 5 minits. At 1428Z I got it. fine contact. Inthis morning, I checked Log search. I found my call.

I am very lucky. Another one, YB1ALL also QSO in this morning. This week up 3 for 160m DXCC.

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