21 November, 2010

ZL8X was started DXpedition

Yesterday around 1000Z ZL8X ws started on 160m operation. First on 1826.5 listening up 3KHz. The band was open for US and around the paciffice area.

Still listen up, I wait to operation for listening down. JA band plan is 1810 to 1825KHz. So We were wait for listening down.

At 1020Z, ZL8X listening down 3Khz, wait many JA station was started calling ZL8X. Just start big pile up. Around 1823.5KHz, build up big JA's wall, maybe heavy QRM difficalt to separate to each call sign.

I call to 1823KHz, still call about less than 5 minits. Very lucky, return to my call soon.

Next I will wait ZK2A operation on 160m.

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