31 December, 2010

Still bad weather

This morning, still bad weather here. Strong wind blowed here. It about 6 meter par second. It maximam over 12 meter par second. Offcause I can not clank up to my tower.

However, I listend on the band in this morning. At 1954Z, I heard IV3PRK CQ call on 1823.5, It had some QSB.

JA7 person called him, but not return to call. Still call CQ. Maybe that time was one way path.

IV3PRK was last signal from Europe on 160m in this year. I wish to good condition on next year.

A Happy new year 2011 for everyone. See you next new year on 160m band.

29 December, 2010

Bad condition and weather

Recently, Still bad condtion with wather. Only yesterday day time, strong wind closed. Very quaiet and sunny day, so I can check my antenna systems.

However, last night was started again blowed strong wind. Avarage speed was 8 to 9 meters par second. Sometimes over 13m/s.

My tower still clank down minimum length, so I can not operate top band. Nearly 1 week, I can not operate. However, listen on the band everyday. Antenna length is not enough, so DX signal came here but very weak.

When stop this bad wather? Maybe only gods know.

22 December, 2010

This morning

Recently SSN is 0, zero! Still continue few days. I wish to good open on 160m.
However, as same as usual. This morning also, on 1826.5 KH2/N2NL was called CQ. Some Eropian station return to him. I can copy their.
In JA band, nothing, all of nothing. Path to 2015Z, IV3PRK calling CQ. It is about 579 report.
Not spacialy today, normal day. I can not found many DX stations.

20 December, 2010

Never hear S21

The S21dx pedition was start. However, that signal was not hear yet.
Good ear station was called him, but not contact . Maybe S21 land has many and heavy QRN on the band. Diffcult copy  weak signal.
Offcause, I not hear .

To everbody , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011  

14 December, 2010


Yesterday evening, I wacthed 160m. Listening 1810 to up.
First, I found BU2AQ on 1822.5, He was on air on this freq usual, after that he moved another freq and call to another station. Who?
Ok, I found who he call station. On 1826.5 V73QQ on air and QSX DWN2. Just 1824.5, so BU2AU called freq. Some JA station found V73QQ that start small pile up.
I also call to him. Still call about 5min, V73QQ return to my call. Ohoooo, I got new one. Happy evening.
V73QQ still calling CQ for QSX DWN and UP1. However, very few stations only call to him. So he was QRT or QSY.
The 160m had not pile up, very quaiet and some noise.

13 December, 2010

Quiet morning

Recent every monday morning, the band is very quiet. This morning also. Never hear DX signal, only the noise.
I listend about 15min , no hear signal that tune of my rig.
This evening, I wish good condition.

12 December, 2010

I got A45XR

Everyday I heard A45XR signal. I calld him many times, but never return.

However, this morning here. Signal was very strong. today also call again many times. First try, never. Before 2100Z, signal was more strong. I try to second time in this morning. I called, other call returned few times. I still call to him.

Oh, just return to my call, but miss copy call. I send again my call that he confirm my call sign. About 1 week, I called him. Today finish, I will be not able to call tomorrow.

This serson, I got 4 new entitis. That were ZL8, ZK2, 4O and A4. This mornig A4 as same sa early Christmas present.

02 December, 2010


This morning, very good propagation for middle east direction.
I was heard A92IO signal on top band. It was very strong, unbilivable signal strings.
Many JA stations called him on 1816khz. However, return to only QRZ.
Almost return to EUROPE. I wish to next big chance.