14 December, 2010


Yesterday evening, I wacthed 160m. Listening 1810 to up.
First, I found BU2AQ on 1822.5, He was on air on this freq usual, after that he moved another freq and call to another station. Who?
Ok, I found who he call station. On 1826.5 V73QQ on air and QSX DWN2. Just 1824.5, so BU2AU called freq. Some JA station found V73QQ that start small pile up.
I also call to him. Still call about 5min, V73QQ return to my call. Ohoooo, I got new one. Happy evening.
V73QQ still calling CQ for QSX DWN and UP1. However, very few stations only call to him. So he was QRT or QSY.
The 160m had not pile up, very quaiet and some noise.

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  1. Hello Toshi,

    Is it possible to receive a morse code message from China to British Columbia? I'm writing a fictional story and need to know if this can be done and at what time during the day or evening is best? Also, what equipment would be used?

    I would appreciate any information you can give! Thank you.


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