31 December, 2011

End of this year

Today is last day in 2011. This year, the sun spot was growing up. The SSN was over 100 everyday. The top band condition was very unstable. In 28th this month. That day was very good propagation. I heared GW on top band. It was my first time. Normaly, almost not hear. I understand what mores code found. It was that ,maybe. However, 28th was different. Very good signal came here, but can not contact to him.

After few days, so so the condition on top band, not big opend. This morning also, few Europian stations signal can hear, but not to call there. It only SV9MBH received pile up on the band. Many JA stations also call to him. but many times no answer and CQ call again. There are noise level is high, maybe.

So many thanks everyone. This year I can got few entity on the band. The next year also challenge for DX on top band.

Thank you all, A happy new year 2012.

28 December, 2011

Good codx

This mornig here, after a long time for good condition. Before 2000Z, not so good. Few JA station call to DX station.
But after 2000Z, the band is open for Europe. IV3PRK of  pilot station on top band. His signal up to S-7. And many DX stations signal to up, I can listen for many DX stations.
Really after a long time, maybe path to about one week.
Today I was finishd QSO as follows. HA8IH, SM5EDX, EW8DJ, UT6UD, RK4FM.
And GW3YDX signal also good, I can call to him at first time on top band. I confirmed, I will QSO to him at near feuture. I can hear his signal. If not hear never QSO on the band. So I am very happy this morning.
Today end of work in this year. Tomorrow will start winter holiday. I wish to as same as good condition for tomorrow morning.

Thanks all of top band dxers.

23 December, 2011

Still bad

Last Sunday morning here, very good condition .So I was QSO for many DX stations.

However, monday to until now, still band condition. I usually listen on top band every morning here. But last few days no hear DX stations. If can hear very weak with QSB signal.

When this condition to change good one?

19 December, 2011

Not so good today

This morning here, on top band condition was not so good. On sunday, very good condition on Stew Perry. So I can contacted many EU stations.
However, this morning can hear only two stations. The one is IV3PRK. He is very active station on top band. He is pilot station on top band. But today not so strong.
339-449 report. And other one, it is UX station. It was weak with QSB.

I wish to next good condition.

18 December, 2011

Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge

Yesterday I came back to home from bussines trip for China. This morning here at 1930Z, I started watch on top band.
It was very good condition on the band. So lot of Europe station QRV on Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge.
I called some station with QSO. It was very exciting top band DX. Very difficalt, So challenge DXing on top band.

I heared station as follows.( Bold is QSO )


11 December, 2011

Good open for EU

After a long time. Sun sopt growed up over 100 or more. So I can operated on 10m in recent month.
However, start to winter serson. The top band condition is growing now. In few days, very good propagation at 1900Z - 2000Z. Many Europian stations signal came here. And everyone are very strong.
The top band pilot station is IV3PRK. One month ago, I was not hear his signal. But almost every day can hear now.
This morning also, many stations on the air.
I am very pleased. Because, the top band is not quaiet. I can looking for DX station, it is very fun.
In this serson. I got new rig. Usually use the IC-7700, but this serson can use the TEN TEC ORION for received. It is very good performance. Top roofing filter can use 250Hz, it can easy devided near dx signal, if separeated 300Hz by each stations, it no problem. Can readable weak signal. IC-7700 can not.
Today to this saturday, I go to bussiness trip for China, so stop to dx hunting one week. I will go back Japan, I can post to this blog. This blog was long time stopped. However, restart until today.

The top band is very fun now!

17 October, 2011

Good condition for few days

This morning very good on the topband. I was listend at before 2000Z.

I found KH2/N2NL on 1817.5 good signal came here. Ofcause KH2 land is near from Japan.

After KH2/N2NL QRT, as same as freq QRV RA4LW. It was same signal strings of KH2/N2NL.

I am very supprised at his signal. Almost asian stations signal. He was call CQ, however call to him a little bit stations.

On topband, still good condx.
BlackBerry from DOCOMO

15 October, 2011

I got H40KJ

2days ago, I went back home at 9:30PM. I eat late dinner after that checked 160m condition. Not so good,but still H40KJ was on aired on 1826.5.

Normaly this time was looking for north america, so QSX up2. However, that was different, QSX down. And just called few JA stations only. I think, today I can get it.

I called on 1824 few times. Meybe my call returned. I call again and send to report. H40KJ send to again my call and CFM message. Oh, got it.

This morning, I checked web site online log. Typeing my call into search box and search button. Oh great, hit to my call in the logged.

In this few month, I got 4W,3D2/R,H40. Up to 3E. Very happy now.

12 October, 2011

Todays memorandum

This morning, I heard few stations only. But condition was not so good. I called DX station,but no return.
1824.5 ES1GO
1824.2 E75A
That all.

By the way, H40KJ was no return to JA yesterday. He listening up2 a usual. That is off band from JA. When pick up JA?

11 October, 2011


Last night, H40KJ started on 160m. First listening up 2, but not yet open for north america.
So he listening down 2-3. Waiting many JA stations called him. Big pileup start on 160m.
I also call to him,but not pick up me, after that, north ameria was pend. He still listening up only. No hear down. Only few JA stations QSO. I wish to QSO for him, H40 is new one on 160m.

10 October, 2011


This morning here. FR/DJ7RJ was on air on 160m band. It was split operated on 1826.5 QSX 1812

However, not heared. Recent condition was no good. If I heared Europian stations signal. but very weak, Did not as same as last year.

03 October, 2011

Recent activity

In this season was started. However, different for last season.
Here is increase noise level and DX signal is weak.
Europian stations signal is very difficult copy.
Last month, I got 2 new entitis. First is 4W6A. This morning I checked LoTW then slready upload 4W6A log. And another one, It is 3D2R. 3D/c was already got, but 3D/R is new. I am happy last month.
However, can not hear OJ0X signals. That also new,but not yet hear.
Last one. Yesterday started T32C operation on top band. Here can listen before sunset. I can called about 30min, I got it. But it was not new one.
I must reduce noise level around top band.

19 September, 2011

4W6A got today

Here is morning at 5:15 on 1823khz. Weak signal up and I can copy CQ call.
That was 4W6A. Yesterday night, he was listeng up for NA. But this time was not limited.
I called him up1 for few times. First time he missed copy my call, but I send again my call few time. He send to cfm message. Lucky I got 4W6A on 160m. This is my new one on 160m.

09 September, 2011

Season in

Recently, the weather is good and start for low band season.
This morning , I looking for DX station on the 160m band.
However, very weak DX signal. It was IV3PRK. He is pilot station on 160m EU. I can not call to him.
After 10minits, as same as 2000Z, I found another station that SM5EDX. He was good signal on the band as 559. One JA5 station called and QSO for him. Another station was not call that he still CQ.
I try to call him. But my signal is not strong there, so he difficult copy my signal. I call him few times.
Fainaly, he copy my call and QSO.  This is my first QSO in this season.
Just start in my 160m season.

31 August, 2011

Season will come ?

After a long time, I listend on 160m band in this morning.
I found CW code on the band, and hear. It was HL5IVL that called CQ.
He called CQ, but no answer few times. After that, JA3 station called him.  It start QSO.
The next, he still call CQ. Very weak station calll him, however he can not copy DX call. I also difficult. But I can copy call for QSB peak signal. That is UA4CC. Oh, EU signal.
I think , the top band DX season will come.

26 April, 2011


After a long time, on top band DX. Now stated operation on top band of T31A. Just now I heard on 1826.

It is good signal come here. That signal over the noise level. Can copy 100%.

High band is very big pile up, however on top band is not same. Maybe can hear little bit stations. maybe.

He still on air, please call to him for everyone.

06 April, 2011

After a long time QSO

Recently, SSN is growing that high band condition is very good.

Therefore topband condition is not so goog. I usually listen on topband,but I hear only noise.

This morning here at 1930z, I start wacth the topband. I found DX signal.

That station calling CQ under QSB. I still listen it, I congirmed call sign.That station is RU0SN. That is Asian Russia station. That is near place from Japan. However, signal is not so strong. I call to him few times. Return to my call from hom.

After a long time QSO on topband. However, not yet found 9N7AN on topband.

04 April, 2011


Last weekend, 9N7AN was on air top band. Some stations called him.
Hwever I didn't hear his signal. My friend said. On saturday morning Japan, very weak signal came to west Japan. Can not call to him, very weak.
Why other bands signal is strong, signal is strong but there is very high noise level,so difficult copy for dx signal, I understand.
But this time is different. Why?
I still hear top band everyday. Not yet his signal, nearly pedition will close.

01 April, 2011

After a long time good condx

Last night, after a long time good propagation for north america.

At 1200Z I listend on top band. I just found big signal. I think some JA DXer calling CQ.

Howevr, that was different JA DXer's CQ. That was AA0RS signal. Very strong as same as local asian stations.

The signal strings was 9, it real signal strings. Good, another one station as calling CQ.

Another one is W9 station. It same good signal.

This morning here, at 1940Z. The top band opend for Europe. I heard some Europian UA and Ukraine stations.

The SSN less than 100, the top band condition will returns good.

27 March, 2011

6V7D on 160m

This morning, JA big guns called. As usual I not hesr DX signal. I checked web cluster.

Just 6V7D CQ JA on 1823 UP1. That was self spot from 6V7D. However, few JAs called only. Only called no return from 6V7D. How long I listen 1824 for JAs called.

Just one stations return. He send to signal report of 559. 559 really? I never hear. Maybe big guns used bevarage. I don't have that.

Near the sun rise. Many JAs start call to 6V. On my god. I can hear his signal. About 319 with QSB. Maybe here to there not so good path today.maybe his signal droped another place.

Never mind. I hear first time 6V on top band, I am pleased.

25 March, 2011

No good.

Last night, I looking for S21YZ on top band.

Here mid night, many JA stations called on 1824. Maybe S21 was on air.

However, I can not found it. No good here, high noise level.

Bad luck, already path to half hour. I shut down my rig.

24 March, 2011

Logged in

Yesterday VU4PB log search was update. I checked my call.

Ohooooo grate, 160m QSO was logged in.

That day was one chance. Less than only 10 minits. I got it!

I am very happy.

23 March, 2011

No path

SSN is not so high, I think top band condition sitll good.

However, this morning here DX signal dose not come. One exsample, YL2SM is very good signal. But this morning as same as noise flore.

Ofcause I can copy his  signal, but can not call to him. Still weak signal.

This morning, open path route is different place, not here.

22 March, 2011

Heard VU4PB on top band

This eary morning, I listen on 1824. Some JA stations call to DX station, but I can not hear.

Still listen, DX signal is up that I confirm callsign. That is VU4PB. That signal has deep QSB here, so I lost his signal at bottom of QSB.

However, at 1900Z QSB is weak thtat I understand for his return. He inform to split out, JA station start to call.

I call to him up 0.8khz about 5 minits. Return to my call. Unbilievable, I got it. I wish true of this QSO. I will wait for log update.

Logged in or not?

21 March, 2011

This month

This month, the top band condition was very unstable. One day very good propagation, but tomorrow bad condition.

However, I heard some Europeian station at morning time here. Ofcause I contacted some stations too.

4A4A was heard only last day. I waited on 1824. Very long time I wait on my shack. However I heard 4A4A signal only 5 minits. Waitfor few hour, listen to 5 minits. 5 minits very good signal but after dropped signal very quickly. I can not contact to 4A.

I looking for S21YZ on top band. but not yet found it.

10 March, 2011

Solar Radiation Storm

Few days, condition was very unstabel. SSN was over 100, but high band condition was not so good. Not big open on the high band.
However, on top band conditon was so so. This morning , RT4RO signal strings was unbilibable.
Anout half hour, still strong signal came here. I got him easy.
Nornaly, the sunspot will growing up then low band condition to down. However, recent not same as that situation.
So I still watch on top band everyday. Recent top band as same as 10m band. When will be open? I don't know, everyone also. Maybe good will know.
That is magic band.

02 March, 2011

Magnetic storm, however

This morning. My comouter screen was different with everyday.

What different? IonoProbe icon color was red color. Normaly blue color. What mean? It announce for magnetic storm.

40 and 30m band is vert quiet. On 30m , I found only 5X1NH. Other no hear. 40m also few statons strong, other very weak with QSB.

However, on top band is different. Some stations signal was very strong. But very first cycle QSB has. Peak signal was about less than 10minits.

Also aurora activity was high. So OZ1CTK signal has little echo. This morning, I heard few OZ signals.

I think, fainaly this morning was good propagation on top band.

However, I contacted only one station. Other called, return to QRZ only.

28 February, 2011


Last weekend was CQ160m SSB contest. So CWer was not operat. So the band was very quiet, few persons freq check for QRL keying. However almost no CQing.

Spring has come here, so top band serson to go closing.

25 February, 2011

Beverage antenna performance

Yesterday I heard OZ1LXJ on top band. But not contact. I inform to him in this matter.
Return to answer from him. Yesterday his JA beverage anntena were out of order. So again rebuild beverage antenna for JA.
This morning not so good conditon on top band. Bettr than yesterday. He calling CQ, but I can not found his signal. One JA station found his signal and QSO for him. I found his signal,however his signal has deep QSB. If bottom of QSB, I lost his signal.
Fainaly I can finish this QSO.  After that he send to me this QSO audio file. I hear this file. Very supplised at audio status. My signal can hear very clearly. Beverage antenna performance is very high level.
I have not very large land area, so can not build beverage antenna. I understand, if still looking DX signal on top band. It nessesaly beverage antenna. I agree.

22 February, 2011

HR on top band

Yesterday night, at 1200Z, I heard top band. On 1823 some JA stations call to DX station. However, I can not copy DX signal. But still JA BIG GUN called.
I checked webcluster, understand everone call to HR station. I heard send signal report. Someone 449,another one 559. Oh my god, very weak signal, I understand, good ear stations almost 559 that I have not receive antenna. Never hear!
This morning, very very noisy. No hear DX stations signal.

21 February, 2011

Only few minits

This morning, I listen on top band. Last week from until now, SSN was growrd value was over the 100.
The top band condition was very unstable. I heard DX signal, however signal peak was only few minits.
This morning, S59A was good signal. I called him and excahnge signal report. Finish then signal to drop under noise level.
After hear S59A signal, but never strong. It has some QSB.
As same as S57UN signal was not so strong, It had lot of QSB. I called many times, however no pick up to my call.
I think, the band condition is unstable, if it can get QSO, maybe chance has only few minits. If release this chance, maybe no QSO chance of small stations. Never great stations.

20 February, 2011

Bad luck

SSN to high, over 100 value. This morning I looking for DX on top band. Only few station found. One was RT5K. That station was very first faid out.

Other one, OK1CW was long time hear his sigal. But it has some QSB and nearly oneway path. Many JA stations called him, however still CQ called many times and sometimes return to JA. But not enough QSOs.

Ofcause I called him, but never return to my call untill sunrise.

This morning no QSO on top band.

15 February, 2011

SSN to up, top band condx to down?

This morning, prop data showed SSN is 85, SFI over 100. So top band is very quaiet.
IV3PRK still on air today, however different signal strings as same as normal propagation. Today very weak. Some JA station called him. Many times send callsign. Maybe difficalt copy for each saide.
After 2130Z, UA3TCJ was on aired. I heard his signal after a long time. I cheched my logbook. I contacted him about 1years ago.
This morning, I heard 1hour. Not found big pileup on the band. DX pedi stations off today?

12 February, 2011

First contact

This morning here at 2100Z. Only 10 minits very good open for Europe. At 2053Z, I was contacted IV3PRK that received signal report was 579. Normaly I received 559 and send report to 579. But today his signal was big signal, real 599.
And I heard F5IN signal on the band. Usually his signal was very very weak. Signal report was 319 to 419. However, today I can copy his signal that report was 579. I call to him many times, fainaly He copied my signal snd received report was 559. This is my first contact for F land on 160m.
Each stations that keep good signal for 10minits. After droped signal under noise level. I am very lucky today.

09 February, 2011

Still good condx

After CQWW160m contest, the top band condition still keep good it. This morning also, eary time not so good. I heard only UW8M, however near the sunrise time the band was opend. Many DX signal came here.
YL2GD, OH3XR thier are pilot station on top band. Today also good signal came here.
I contacted total 8stations on this morninig. At the sunrise time. HA3FTA signal was up to S9. Very very strong,so many JA station was called, just started big pile up.
Everyone think, if big signal come then easy contact. Actualy, big signal equal big pileup,so can not easy conact.
I need 10minits got the HA3FTA.Big signal never easy, I think so.

04 February, 2011

Open for Europe

Today I listend on the band at 2030Z, Already open the band for Europe. I heard first station today that station is I2BBJ. Very good signal came here and many JA station call to him. I think, this signal level can get smothly.
However, many times call to him. Actualy can not QSO him. Another case, very weak signal of OE3GCU. I think, difficalt contact him in this time.
Actualy very easy contact. Ohoooo, Receive signal is different for QSO status.

This morning heard I2BBJ,UA3EKG,R3DX,LY3M,9A5K,OE3GCU,IK4WMA,RW3XZ,DL1MGB,SV8JE,EU7SD bold was QSO

maybe RW3XZ was called 5N7M,but no hear his signal me.

02 February, 2011

One way path

After WW160m contest, condition was still no good. It can hear Europe signal, however, almost nearly one way path. Some great JA station called many times, only QRZ or few word. Not completed QSO.

After long time, this morning XU7ACY was on air on the band at 2117Z. This time good signal and good ear. maybe there were reduce toropical noise level.

Where will hear tommorow morning?

01 February, 2011

After WW160m Contest

WW 160m contest was finished. many DX station was heard on the band. but, very heavy QRM so each station no copy my call. So I QSOed only 15 stations.no new entity.

I thisnk, before contest can get new one.In the contest, very QRMM can not copy weak signal. This time, I got A73A, ER4KAA before contest. that new entitis.

Now I got 87 entitis, when I collect 100 entitis. Already pass to 4years.

30 January, 2011

Big different condition

Hi top bander! This morning here, big different condition compare to yesterday.

Most different, SSN is growing up to 27. Yesterday was "0". So very good low band condition. However, today is no good. very noisy on the band and DX signal is not so strong.

Some U zone was strong, but the band is very heavy QRM with one way path. So many time call to DX station. However, he still CQ test.

Last midnight, I watched TV program. That was soccer game of asian cup final. Until 3:00 oclock, I watched. It was very excited game. Finaly Japan team was win.

After watched TV program, I checked top band sistuation. however, I already wrote condition. Until 2200Z, I turn off my IC-7700. Stoped operation.

I have a slight cold this morning. I need to recharge my batteries.

29 January, 2011

Good open

This morning here, WW160m contest before 2hour I started operation on 160m band. SSN is "0" , good for low band conditon. Already many station QRV on the band.
I sweeped on the band low edge to heigh edge. First impretion today, good for middle east area. Most strongest signal is A73A. unbilivable signal strings. As same as asian near zone(China, Korea,Taiwan). So big pile up. I not yet QSO for A7, so I call to him about 20 minits. I got it.
Other HZ1FS was on aired. Just started very big pile up. Europeian station and JA each stations call to HZ. On freq, almost no conferm return. HZ was good operation, about inform to split freq UP3. Big pile moved Up 3KHz. I show pile up status on my IC-7700 band scope. Veru big mountan.There oqupaied few KHz. Before used freq stations, maybe confuse, what start happen!
I will pleased here tomorrow morning.

So evryone, FB Contest

28 January, 2011

Befor WW160

This morning, I checked 160m band. Because this weekend will start WW 160m cotest. How the band condition ?
Acutaly, befor contest day. Many DX station is QRV that check equipment system and antenna systems, maybe.
This morning I heard DX stations as follows.
  Each stations signal was good. 5B4AJC was really 599 signal strings.
Recently, 4L5O was very active on top band.  Lot of JA stations called him, however not enough contact him. This morning, 4L/UT5EO was on aired. And he was pick up some JA stations. So lot of JA stations started call of listend that QSO. It start big pileup.
I heard band codition of today. If as same as condition on WW160m contest. I will be able to enjoy on the contest. I will be pleased.

24 January, 2011


This morning, different yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, many DX station was QRV so big pileup had on the band.
However, today just only noise. Out of JA band. VK3PA was QRV with some European stations.
In JA band, T88RX was QRV on 1824 at 1930Z. But almost JA stations QSO for him. So little bit stations only call to him.
Anyway, the band condition is down today.

23 January, 2011

Still good

This morning here, still good condition on top band. 4L5O was QRV on 1824,so many many JA station called him. However, his received system is no good or QRM or QRN. So almost one way path. Very big pile up but litlle bit return to call from 4L5O. Ofcause I didn't call him.

Other I heard RW5KW, BU2AQ, RZ4FB, IV3PRK, S52AAM, S57DX, and some HL stations. I called few stations. But tthis morning I was contacted to IV3PRK only.

I understand, condition is good however can not contact. Most important, receive and transmit system's balance.

Recently, almost no hear DX signal, but this weekend I was pleased. I wish to next weekend for 160m DX contest.

22 January, 2011

After a long time

This morning, here is very quaiet morning. no wind. In this year, every weekend was blowed strong wind. and bad condition.

So recently no operate on 160m. However, today very good condition.many DX stations signal copied. almost European stations.


IV3PRK is very good signal until sunrise after 45min. But can not contact him.

I wish to next weekend on 160m contest.

18 January, 2011

VK9X last night

Here was last night on 160m. VK9XO on 160m. Some ja called him. However no return.
I never hear his signal. There also no good condition maybe. Many many stations called. But no return. Why? Noise level is very high snd our signal very weak. It can difficult contact for each case.

However, that direction for my weak point.  When I can hear that?

15 January, 2011

VK9X is start operation

Yesterday on high band. VK9X was started of JA operaters. In this morning here. As same as 2130Z on 1819. VK9XXY was on aired that many JA station call tohim. However, a little bit return to answer.
Maybe there are many tropical noise,so difficalt copy our signal. And this time, there has not liner amp. Only bear foot operation. So Good ear has, no problem, however normal ear has, maybe difficalt copy his signal.
I have poor ear, ofcause this morning no copied. The first I wish to hear his signal.

11 January, 2011


This morning, here is very quaiet morning. No wind. 2days very strong wind blowed, I can not operate all band. But this morning can operate.

However, the all band condition was no good. On 160m, noise level is high. Today also A92IO on 1827.5 QSX 1815. Many JA station call to him, but nobody no return. I not hear his signal. I checked that JA called freq.

On 1822 DU1/K3LP calling CQ alone. Almost stayion call to A9,so DU1/K3LP
was still CQ. I call to him and QSO. On 160m QSO was after long time.

Other two HL station was actived. Usually Calling CQDX. Last year BU2AQ was very actived, however this year HL station is more active.

09 January, 2011

Worst weather

Yesterday started bad weather. This morning worst one. I can not crank up my tower.
Still blowing strong wind. The wind was blowing at 15m/s. The maximum instantaneous wind velocity was 21m/s. As same as typhone.
today nothing operation.

08 January, 2011


Today I have free time,so I adjustment for home brew preselector. It is two pole preselector. Antenna be able to select 2 antennas. Antenna 2 can use the small loop antenna. It is not enough sencivity, so antenna 2 add 2sk125 GG pre amp.
This preselector band width is about 20Khz for -6dB, If very noise condition that into this one. the noise flore to down. Very good it.

05 January, 2011

Noise level

Here at 2nd-JAN. The band was low noise level that can copy lot of DX signals.
I can QSO for DX stations that day. However, after 2nd Jan, noise level to high.
Almost DX signal under noise, I can not copy. If I can copy it, that near asian stations.
Recently, SSN was growed over 50. Normaly SSN is high level then high band is good. However, high band and low band, each bands still no good.
I wish improve the band conditon.

02 January, 2011

Now good condx

I just hear top band now. Condition is so so. Now N6TR is calling CQDX on 1831.5

On 1824.5 JD1BMH still pickup up 2. On 1822 RA0FU still on air. and other freq, some HL station is QRV.

I think, here night time is better than morning time. However, I will wake up at eary time that watching top band, maybe.

01 January, 2011

Start new year

Today started new year. I started watch on top band. but not so good condition and weather. As same as end of last year.

I watched half hour this morning. The band was very noisy, however I add preselector that adjust center freq. Then band noise was reduce.It was very good item for top band operation.

This morning, I heard HL2CFY, VR2PX, OH3XR, SP3DOI only 4 stations. But I can hear Europe stations. It is good start for new year.

Happy New Year 2011

A Happy new year 2011 everybody!